Highlights of Lude Media (Night)-Dec 30, 2020

Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Jojo

• Axios: According to two senior administration officials, the Trump administration is declassifying as-yet uncorroborated intelligence, recently briefed to President Trump, that indicates China offered to pay non-state actors in Afghanistan to attack American soldiers. The U.S. has evidence that the PRC [People’s Republic of China] attempted to finance attacks on American servicemen by Afghan non-state actors by offering financial incentives or ‘bounties'” and said the National Security Council “is coordinating a whole-of-government investigation.”

o Mr. Lu De believes what this news stated must be true, based on recent U.S. moves against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

o Guest host, Ali, points out that CCP has been funding the terrorist organization Taliban for years and the Afghan Taliban delegation reportedly visited Beijing in September 2019.

o Dr. Bo adds once the CCP is finally designated as a terrorist organization, whoever the next president is will have to follow through.

• Mr. Steve Bannon today said on his show that Dr. Yan Limeng has really changed the course of history in revealing the truth about the CCP virus.

o Mr. Lu De totally agrees with Mr. Bannon. What Dr. Yan has been doing is trying to save the world and humanity.
a. On January 19, she first warned the world through Lu De Media to beware of the virus and to be on the watch for a world outbreak. b. The two Yan’s reports provided evidence of the CCP’s crimes. c. Her frequent appearances in the media to spread the truth have saved more people and aroused more public opinion against the CCP.

• Mr. Lu De on the show discloses more about Dr. Yan’s story. o At first, the CCP didn’t believe that what Dr. Yan did was awakened by the Whistleblower Movement; they insisted that she was an American CIA spy. That’s why CCP had investigated and interrogated all the people around her in China.

o Dr. Yan has the information from Prof. Malik Peris’s computer. COVID 19, MERS, and swine flu are all related to Prof. Peris and the University of Hong Kong.

• Tomorrow, Dr. Yan will join Mr. Lu De’s show to talk about her first contact with Mr. Lu on December 31, 2019.

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3 months ago

Is it true that Trump Indicts Dr. Fauci; Charged as Enemy Combatant? https://realrawnews.com/2020/12/trump-indicts-dr-fauci-charged-as-enemy-combatant/