Inspiration From President Abraham Lincoln(II)

To contrast with President Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address, Mr. Miles Guo’s speech, delivered under the Statue of Liberty on June 4, 2020, is also classic and landmark. This speech was a Pre-Declaration Jun.4 Speech, and many people focus on the Declaration and ignore this speech. In fact, this speech just let us to participate in the burst revolution was deeply impressed, but also let the world see a new Chinese, see the New Federal State of China, the spirit of the people, we are no longer the Chinese who submit and hold back; we are with the spirit of independence, willing to fight for themselves and others of the new Chinese people. Let’s review the speech:

Dear brothers and sisters, I have not prepared any speech, I do not want to say that there is any dream. The Chinese have been dreaming and dreaming for thousands of years. The Communist Party gave us a nightmare, and now Xi Jinping has given us an even bigger one. I don’t want to dream anymore, that’s the fundamental reason we are here!

Secondly, I want to tell my compatriots that each of us has the duty and responsibility to protect our fathers, mothers, sisters,  brothers, daughters,various family members, and also our friends. We want to end the rogue rule of the Communist Party, where everything is the Party’s, where everything is at the Party’s beck and call, where father’s and mother’s are not as good as the Party’s rogue politics, and will them from today onwards the Communist Party is no longer the legitimate government in China!

I am here on behalf of the billions of comrades of the Whistleblower Movement, and the world’s peace-loving, aspiring to goodness, freedom, the rule of law, democracy.All friends, I want to tell you that we will take down the Communist Party in China once and for all!

And Mr. Bannon is a representative friend in the international arena, and we have the support of over nearly 100 countries in the world up to now, watching our opening ceremony today.

What we are after is that our families no longer live in fear, that our property is no longer plundered, that our country cannot be left to one family and a few families, it must be we the  people, one man one vote!

Since the Communist Party said to serve the people, then since your right to serve the people has to be decided by the people, we will decide if we need your services, it’s called the New Federal State of China!

We want back the minimum human dignity, human equality and human kindness. We can’t create another coronavirus to kill these peace-loving people in the world and in the United States. So we also will not allow such catastrophic events to happen again in Hong Kong, where people are dying all the time. Nor will we allow a life of fear in Taiwan, and a life of slavery with 1.4 billion people. That is why we are going to form a New Federal State of China!

We will no longer have fear, we will no longer have any compromise, there is only one purpose without dreams, to overthrow the Communists! To establish a New Federal State of China! A peaceful New Federal State of China with democracy, rule of law, and freedom of worship. We will not rest until we achieve our goal! This is the fundamental reason why we have Lady Liberty behind us like this today!

We want to thank all the people of America – Republicans, Democrats, any people – for giving us the opportunity. Allowing us to be here today in New York when it’s all segregated, under curfew, with the sky full of planes and all the escorts, allowing Mr. Bannon and me to speak out here – a declaration of the establishment of a New Federal State of China. Any peace-loving, any peace-loving people of all people who have respect for their families, for individuals, for the world, for others, should keep in mind that today, we did it! That’s what I’m going to start with today .

This paragraph is so exciting to read that it takes only 2 or 3 minutes to finish, and Mr. Miles Guo is improvising. It is not a performance with words written in advance, but a powerful one that strikes at the very heart. Mr. Miles Guo’s speech before the publication of the Declaration of the New Federal State of China is particularly important. Only by reading this speech we can  better understand the profound meaning of the content of the Declaration, which unites the struggle of the New Federal State of China and the hope for a better future.

Mr. Miles Guo sailed his boat and chose to deliver this speech under the Statue of Liberty, which I understand is to make CCP afraid, because no one can stop the Chinese people’s pursuit of democracy, rule of law and freedom. Mr. Miles Guo’s Whistleblower Movement  in these three years is to make people all over the world wake up and realize that CCP is a disaster for people all over the world, and if CCP is not eradicated, the whole world will never be at peace and become slaves of CCP.

A series of miracles also occurred on June 4th,showing that the New Federal State of China had inherited the will of heaven and was doing the right thing to save the people. Impressive were two lightning bolts that pierced the dark sky over the head of the Statue of Liberty. Once when Mr. Miles Guo bit his finger and the second time when he signed the Declaration of Independence in blood. The two important acts of a moment there were lightning streaks, such a chance is impossible, and the day is raining heavily, Mr. Miles Guo kneeling in a boat that full of rainwater to pray to the Statue of Liberty, the result of the wind stopped rain, the sea is smooth as a mirror, golden sunlight from the black clouds, more than 100 million people around the world are watching broadcast live, witnessed this scene, have to exclaim the blessing of heaven, the power of the heavens in the shelter.

More than three years of the Whistleblower Movement defenses to a war without smoke,each of us joined the Whistleblower Movement in the true sense of the warrior, overcoming many difficulties, overcoming themselves, perfecting themselves, to complete the faith of the heart. The difficulties encountered in this process is not less than the Western Paradise to take the ninety-eight difficulties, but this is the test for us. It is not an easy thing for a person to have faith, and those who have faith will not give up even after experiencing various difficulties, just like President Abraham Lincoln.

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