Inspiration From President Abraham Lincoln (I)

Abraham Lincoln, born into poverty, was born on February 12, 1809, in a one-room cabin on the Simkins Springs farm in Hardin County, Kentucky (now in LaRue County). Lincoln worked as a postmaster in New Salem and as a surveyor for the county. Lincoln’s poor background and lack of education did not cause him to give up, but to keep reading and learning. He became a lawyer through self-education and went on to become a politician and ask for the presidency.

President Lincoln experienced two bankruptcies in the course of his life. The first was when he took out a loan to run a small grocery store, but it failed because of poor business conditions, and he spent the next 16 years running around paying off his debts. He later became a lawyer specializing in bankruptcy, filing bankruptcy for others and defending their rights. Many lawyers are willing to do the business of the rich, but he served the poors, those who could not afford to pay their legal fees. Lincoln failed to run for state legislature, his fiancée passed away, he suffered from a nervous breakdown, he failed to run for congress, he tried to run 11 times and failed, but he finally succeeded in 1860 and became the 16th President of the United States.

The majority of Whistleblower Movement warriors have a goal and the most demanding, is take down the CCP, the pursuit of democracy, the rule of law and freedom, on this road is not destined to be easy, not easy, but also destined to be extraordinary. Not being understood, being hurt, losing freedom, and even losing their lives. For the sake of the ideal in our hearts, how to firmly go on, we look back on the brilliant life of President Lincoln, frustrated by the setbacks never give in, he has the perseverance, courage, wisdom and action to show the charm, attract us, inspire us, let our hearts of justice.

The rightmost of the four presidential statues on President Rushmore Hill in the United States is President Abraham Lincoln, whose greatest contribution was to break the slavery system and make the United States,the flag of the advanced system in the world, and to make people realize that when you lose the freedom to enslave others, then you can have greater freedom. Associated with the current China Communist, it is actually a modern slavery system implemented, where all 1.4 billion people in the country are slaves, serving a very privileged few. Most Communists are actually not free now, and are themselves victims of slavery, hiding the legal wealth they have, not daring to spend it, and pretending to be poor and incorruptible in public. Many of the officials who enslaved the people are in fact, to some extent, also not free and live a distorted life. Only by overthrowing this meat-grinder system can each person be justly free under the democratic rule of law and freedom.

President Lincoln’s political legacy also includes the famous Gettysburg Address, excerpted here:

Eighty-seven years ago, our fathers built a new nation on this land, birthed in liberty, and espoused the proposition that all men are created equal. Today, we are in the midst of a great civil war testing the longevity of that nation, or any nation with that belief and claim. We meet on the great battlefield of this war, and in order for that nation to survive, we will find our final resting place on this battlefield,as those who have died for it have done,which is appropriate for us and appropriate for us. In a broader sense, however, we cannot pay our respects here, we cannot dedicate ourselves here, we cannot sanctify this land; those who have lived, and those who have died, who have fought here, have sanctified it in a way that our feeble strength is far from being able to add to or subtract from. The world will not notice, nor will it long remember what we have said here, but it will never forget what those who have been here have done. Although the great work is not yet finished, the martyrs who have fought for it have brought it to its final stage of maturity, and there is no doubt that we who are alive should continue to devote ourselves to it. We should devote ourselves to the great task that remains before us – from the departed who have devoted all their zeal to it, we will gain more zeal; we will not, never let those who have given their lives for it give them in vain; we will make this country, under the blessing of God, new from freedom; and that one government of the people, by the people, and for the people, will never perish from the land.

The definition of government as of the people, by the people, for the people has become a famous phrase for ages, revealing the position of government in a simple but profound way. To the fallen soldiers, whether from the North or the South, were the people of America, and for the new birth of America, laid the future greatness of America.

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