[3Rights’ Column] Ten Powers Unified in One Party (5) Totalitarian Ruling of the Chinese Communist Party — Party’s Property

Author: Mr. 3Rights

Translator: Prof.Bactor

Proofreading: Jiovanni

Abstract: 80% of China’s wealth belongs to the CCP, which owns all the land, foreign exchanges and gold. It also owns 70% of GDP by high taxes, fees, and monopoly business. Not only has the wealth been used to control the people, making them dependent, finally enslave them, but also to globally infiltrate, expand and attempt to enslave the people around the world, particularly, by the wealth of foreign exchange that CCP loots from the Chinese labor.

 “Power cannot be privately owned, and property cannot be publicly owned,” a well-known note on Locke’s Second Treatise of Government, “otherwise mankind will enter the door of disaster.” Unfortunately, CCP did both own power privately and own property publicly, bringing China into a disaster.

Chinese people had owned land, throughout all the dynasties. “All land under this heaven is the property of the King!” Claimed as it was, as long as the people hadn’t broken the law, they still legally owned land permanently. Dynasties come and gone, as long as the people didn’t oppose the new dynasty, the original land would belong to them. Even the dynasties invaded by foreigners such as the Mongolian of Yuan Dynasty, the Manchus of Qing Dynasty, and even the Japanese occupation period, the people owned their land. The land had a contract (i.e., a land certificate), used to fairly trade, inherit, and its property rights were protected by law. However, it has changed since the CCP rule.

 “Jostling and joyous, the whole world comes after profit; racing and rioting, after profit the whole world goes!” Similar to all cliques of all time, CCP comes for the wealth of the world. It started and usurped by fighting local landlords and dividing the land to farmers, but in bloody and violent ways. On the one hand, the farmers had blood debts in their hands. On the other hand, CCP bribed people’s opinion. 

However, having stabilized its regime, the CCP decided to stab the peasants in the back. In the 1950s, it started the movements such as People’s Commune, Joint State-Private Partnerships to take in all people’s land as party assets in the name of public ownership, including land-related business: minerals, grasslands, forests, lakes, coasts, etc. Moreover, these provisions are written into the constitution.

Thus, nobody in mainland China has one square inch of land! It is unprecedented.

In 1990s, in the name of reform and opening up, CCP started leasing land that loot from the people back to them in a term of 40 to 70 years. In statistics, 200 trillion Yuan ($70 trillion) each year CCP has accumulated earned by leasing land and mining rights. In average, 150 thousand Yuan ($25 thousand) it has looted from each citizen! Additionally, the land would be lease again after the term ends. In conclusion, CCP is the richest party ever since the inception of human history.

Generally, how humans accumulate wealth is nothing more than land, cash, and gold. It’s witnessed the devaluating of CCP’s Chinese Yuan. In 2000, the average house price in China was only 1,000 Yuan, and by 2020 it has exceeded 10,000 Yuan, a 10-fold increase in 20 years! Therefore, the Chinese Yuan cannot be used to accumulate wealth. For the foreign exchanges earned by export enterprises, the CCP has a compulsory system, that seizes the foreign exchange. There is a 50,000 USD limit which is allowed to exchange to foreign currency per person per year, regardless of the wealth one has. 

Moreover, strict restrictions have been imposed for these foreign exchanges leaving the country. Gold is prohibited from leaving the country. Under extreme circumstances such as the Cultural Revolution, it’s illegal for private possession of foreign exchanges or gold. All had to be given to the CCP at a set price, otherwise one would be risking imprisonment or even death.

People can purchase a house, but the land under the house belongs to the CCP; build a factory, but the land occupied by the factory belongs to the CCP. What the people get from the CCP is only a long-term lease, which will expire in a period of time and a new lease required. It is the same with farm land, leased from the CCP with a time limit. When the term ends, new terms are required. 

As the land is publicly owned, the buildings on the leased land can be demolished by CCP at any time! The Chinese Yuan earned from people’s hard work or savings might depreciate and become a piece of useless paper at any time! Any foreign exchange or gold might be forced to sell to CCP at a set price at any time, in exchange for the Chinese Yuan, which might depreciate at any time. Unless transferred offshore, the wealth of all Chinese people may be wiped out at any time. Such are the methods the CCP controls the accumulation of wealth in China: land, cash, and gold.

The wealth talked above is the Stock Wealth, 80% of which is controlled by CCP. on the contrary, in western countries, that 80% belongs to the people. In terms of Flow Wealth of the nation, CCP has also looted a lot by high taxes, fees, and business monopolies. According to its undisclosed calculation, 70% of annual GDP belongs to the CCP regime, including taxes, fees, fines, confiscations, income from land sales and mineral rights, government funds, and net income of state-owned enterprises. While the average percentage of the world is around 30%.

In terms of the percentage of employee wages to GDP, it’s about 15% in China, while the average is about 50% in the world. Looking at the proportion of education, medical and other welfare expenditures to GDP, is only about 9%, not even comparable to the African countries, while the world is about 16%. Moreover, 80% of this 9% is dominated by dignitaries inside the CCP. Few is allocated to the people. The officials inside the CCP didn’t pay pension insurance, but they held pensions three times higher than that of the public, causing a large deficit in pensions across the country.

Here’s the CCP’s policy: Take from the people and use for the party. The Premier  of the CCP regime recently reported that 600 million people in China earns less than 1,000 Chinese Yuan ($150) monthly. That’s the outcome under 71 years of the ruling by the CCP.

The CCP controls the whole population by controlling their wealth and leaves no other ways for them to earn a living. Everything belongs to the CCP. People can only rely on it to survive. If people obey the CCP, the CCP would provide opportunities to work and make a living, and anoint some as public officials. If people are dissatisfied with the CCP, do not cooperate or even resist, they would have no chance to survive.

It’s the root cause that western policies of appeasement and engagement with the CCP have failed. In western countries, wealth is accumulated in free market competition and under the rule of law, so westerners protect a free and democratic system. 

Chine has gained the wealth, but democracy is nowhere to be seen, instead, despotism becomes even stronger. It’s crucial that wealth is dependent on the CCP – the more one supports the tyrannical system, the more opportunities one will be given for power and fortune. Thus, everyone is vying to cling to the CCP and sing hymns for the dictatorship. No matter how rich a businessman is, he only follows the CCP’s orders. Even a corrupt official has no sense of security. People only crawls under the feet of the CCP, lives in fear, without dignity. They have been the modern day slaves to the CCP for generations.

The CCP’s total control of the wealth harms the Intellectuals the most. They are social elites, critics of society, and the conscience of society. In the imperial era, were intellectuals and scholars dissatisfied with the regime, they could (live in the nature) like the poet Tao Yuanming by writing, “Pick flowers in the garden, and enjoy beautiful scenery of the mountain”. They didn’t need to involuntarily be subject to the powers that be, therefore they could keep some level of independence. Other literary quotations also described such integrity of Chinese intellectuals in history like Jian in QI Kingdom and Tong Gu in JIN Kingdom. 

However, under the CCP regime, both the flowers and mountains belong to the party, and even the pen (to write poem). Intellectuals who were not happy with the CCP, would not have a chance to pick flowers or enjoy the mountain, as they would lose the job to earn a living. “The poor would lose its mind”, in order to earn a living, intellectuals compete to kiss the CCP’s ass and praise the CCP to shamelessly, such as Guo Moruo, Yu Qiuyu and Wang Zhaoshan. The intellectuals lose their integrity, the society loses its conscience, and a nation loses its spirit. Losing the wealth is analogous to being castrated, the Chinese nation has become disabled.

The CCP also castrates its so-called democratic parties by controlling the wealth. The CCP dictatorship has allowed several “democratic” parties to exist as poster child  to create an illusion of democracy and deceive the world. These “democratic” parties don’t have their own party assets, their funds are all allocated by CCP. They had to depend on the CCP. And, in order to earn more funds, they compete to show their love towards the CCP, ridiculously, acting as much more devoted to the CCP’s mission than a CCP member.

More special attention should be paid to the CCP’s policy of Mandatory Foreign Exchange Settlement. I.e., any company cannot keep the foreign exchanges obtained by exporting goods and services. They must sell to the CCP at a named price. On the other hand, CCP does not use Stock Currency to purchase foreign exchange, but with the currency that is newly issued. This leads to inflation.

Meanwhile, CCP absorb the excessive issuance by so-called land auctions. As the land is owned by CCP, it monopolizes the supply of land, resulting in the soaring price of land and real estate. All thismanipulation is to encourage the people to pay the CCP with foreign exchange!

From 2001 to 2019, after the CCP joined the WTO, its total foreign exchange settlement increased to more than 20 trillion U.S. dollars! This 20 trillion is the net income of the CCP! Moreover, the CCP has no budget constraints and can use the money at will. In addition to purchasing raw materials, energy and other necessary materials, most of the foreign exchange is used to bribe global politicians, purchase Western mainstream media, Wall Street bigwigs, Silicon Valley big-techs, and implement its Belt and Road Initiative, etc. 

This is the reason why the CCP is rich enough to infiltrate and expand in the world. This has finally agitated the people in charge of the world order. The conflict is fully revealed in this year’s US presidential election. 

That is how the CCP has murdered people in the name of revolution, plundered money in the name of public ownership, divided the cake in the name of reform, and harmed the world in the name of openness and globalization. It controls the political power by the army, occupies the common wealth of people, and enslaves 1.4 billion Chinese people to earn foreign exchange. 

In fact, the CCP’s party treasury is the national treasury, where all wealth comes from looting the people. Countless needles are inserted in the Chinese people’s body to suck blood. The wealth is used to maintain the corrupt, profligate, and criminal rule of CCP’s several families, and to export totalitarianism and corruption to the world by colluding with the dark power in the West. The CCP not only enslaves the Chinese people, but is also delusional enough to enslave people all over the world.

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