Xi Jinping frequently meets European politicians, eager to conceal health problems

  • Editor: Victor Torres
  • Translator: 里奇

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President Xi Jinping just had a video conference with European Council President Michel, European Commission President von der Leyen, German Chancellor Merkel and French President Macron.

On December 28, Xi had a telephone conversation with Russian President Putin.

Xi Jinping’s recent intensive meetings with European political figures may be related to the intelligence that he will undergo surgery for cerebral arterial hemangioma in the near future, intending to show the outside world that he is healthy.

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1 year ago

Why are so stupid comments to a serious report from Mr. Torres. I can read this on many reports and it is time to take more care if a comment is serious or disturbing with bad mind. Yesterday some of comments were very ugly and should not be publshed. Hope to get support on this comment.