12/30/2020 Financial News: Communist China’s significant decline in population

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1.Communist China’s precipitous decline in population
On Dec 27, at the “China and World Economic Forum” hosted at Tsinghua University, Feng Xuming, a deputy director of the Department of Comprehensive Economic Strategy Research at the Chinese Academy of Social Science and a researcher at the ACCEPT Institute of Tsinghua University, pointed out the significant decline in Communist China’s population. Overall, 150 million fewer people were born between 1990 and 2019 than those born between 1960 and 1989. The declining population will likely have widespread impacts on the economy including shrinking housing demand in certain regions and increasing pressure on social security and medical insurance. Some industries such as automobiles, energy, education, medical services, pensions, and insurance will also be affected.

2.Exchange settlement among Chinese foreign trade companies slowed down
According to Reuters Beijing (December 28), exchange settlement by Chinese foreign trade companies has slowed down. In previous years, Chinese foreign trade companies, especially private companies, used to conduct exchange settlement at the end of the year for wages and year-end bonuses. However, the situation is changed this year. Many believed the decrease in exchange settlement is due to the continuous appreciation of RMB, which is manipulated by Communist China since the end of May 2020. Companies are unwilling to settle because they will incur a loss when settling at the current exchange rate.

3.Communist China’s pork import continues to increase
Customs data on Dec. 24 showed that Communist China‘s pork import in November increased 39.4% from a year ago to 330,000 tons. The cumulative annual pork import as of November was 3.95 million tons, an increase of 115% from 2019. The China Merchandise Reserve Management Center also announced an auction of 20,000 tons of frozen pork from its strategic reserves scheduled for December 30. This auction will be the 38th auction in 2020. Communist China has released 670,000 tons of pork from its stockpiles this year.

4.Communist China launched an antitrust investigation into food delivery giant Meituan
On December 28, according to a reporter from China Economic Weekly, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court has launched an investigation into alleged monopolistic practices of Meituan, a Hong Kong-listed food delivery giant. This antitrust investigation is said due to Meituan’s blocking of Alibaba Group’s Alipay on its app this July.

5.Communist China Logistics Owners to Sell Control at $2 Billion
Two biggest shareholders, RRJ Capital and Chairman Li Shifa, of China Logistics Property Holdings Co. plan to sell their combined 50% stake in the Hong Kong-listed company. Their stake is valued at about $2 billion. If successful, the transaction may lead to a takeover offer of the entire company.

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