Most CCP Companies Subjected to Toughest Sanctions, Internal and External Troubles Leading to Dramatic Change in Communist China

(December 29, 2020. LuDe Media, Evening News, Asia Time)

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Summary: OFAC, a division of the U.S. Department of Treasury, has included most CCP-controlled central and private companies on its list of entities to be sanctioned at the level of terrorists. The U.S. Department of State has intensified visa sanctions against CCP officials, particularly those in the Unification Department. Xi Jinping must take interventional surgery for a brain tumor in the next 10-20 days, and he has sent Putin $30 billion to ensure his safety, while warning his party members not to betray him. In the situation of internal and external troubles, as soon as Xi Jinping is hospitalized, the situation will not be up to him, and there will certainly be a bloody internal brutality, and China is bound to change dramatically.

  1. Most CCP Controlled Central and Private Companies Included in the List of Entities

According to Executive Order 13959 issued by OFAC, a division of the Treasury Department, most central enterprises and private enterprises controlled by the CCP are included in the list of entities that will be sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department. These to be sanctioned companies, will not be able to open accounts in any banks, will not be allowed to acquire funding from U.S. companies and individuals, will not be able to get government procurement, and will not be able to conduct business using U.S. dollars. The sanctions will prevent U.S. investors from supporting CCP military-controlled companies unknowingly through direct, indirect or other passive investments.

  • Introduction to OFAC

OFAC, the Office of Foreign Assets Control, is responsible for enforcing economic and trade sanctions against foreign organizations and individuals, including terrorists, tyrannical officials, international drug traffickers, etc. OFAC sanctions are long-arm jurisdiction, and any entity that continues to conduct business with the companies sanctioned will be automatically added to the sanctions list.

When the organization was originally established, it was primarily aimed at freezing and protecting the assets of those countries under Nazi occupation. As you can see, the CCP has been recognized as a transnational criminal group (terrorist) by the Trump administration, and thus a large number of CCP military-controlled companies can be included in OFAC’s sanctions list.

  • U.S. State Department Further Strengthened Visa Sanctions Against CCP Officials

The U.S. Embassy and Consulate General in China tweeted that the U.S. has imposed sanctions on Chinese entities and officials who assist the Communist China in monitoring and suppressing its own people, steal trade secrets, and intimidate other countries in the South China Sea.

Pompeo also specifically announced visa restrictions on officials from the CCP’s Unification Department, which is responsible for the CCP’s overseas propaganda and for taking intimidation actions against those who oppose the party’s policies.

  • CCP Required Politburo Members Keeping Minds Clear, What Refers to?

What is the important issue? It is that Xi Jinping must take interventional surgery for a cerebral artery hemangioma within the next ten days or the cerebral blood vessel could explode at any time.

What is keeping minds clear? Xi Jinping, in order to avoid a repeat of Jiang Zemin’s inner circle switching to Hu Jintao during his hospitalization, has set up a special crisis office in advance to make arrangements, that is, Ding Xuexiang control 8341 troops, and Xu Qiliang control garrison troops. The meaning of keeping minds clear is to remind the Politburo members to continue to behave obediently and not trying to betray Xi.

  • Xi Jinping Sent Putin $30 Billion to Ensure His Safety

The $30 billion must be paid only if Xi’s surgery goes smoothly. As for the specific payment procedures, the signatures of Ding Xuexiang, Xu Qiliang and Xi Yuanping are required, and the seal of the chairman of the military commission is affixed by Xi Yuanping, who is subject to Peng Liyuan’s supervision when using the seal. In addition, there is also Zhu Xuefeng involved in the coordination, thus forming a situation in which five people share the power and restrain mutually.

  • Dramatic Change Coming to Communist China

Although Xi Jinping has taken great pains to make arrangements and warnings in advance, however, as the CCP is now facing internal and external troubles, the situation is in fact not the same as Jiang Zemin’s hospitalization. As soon as Xi Jinping is hospitalized, these five people, who are constrained by each other, will immediately move to secretly set up their own business and start internal fighting mode. With the enormous temptation of power under a centralized system, someone must be desperate enough to take risks, so as to take Xi’s place while he is in the hospital. It has been proven many times in history that Xi’s greatest threat will come from those who are most loyal to him and closest to him.

A bitter infighting is coming soon, and Communist China is bound to change dramatically in the next 20 days.

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