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USA sanctions most CCP-owned companies.

OFAC published on 28th Dec. a sanction list which includes 90% of CCP’s central enterprises and can be further extended depending on identification of CCP’s crime. So powerful is this sanction that it will have a great impact on Wall Street’s enormous funds, so such a sanction must be based on solid evidence, or it will be sued and get into big trouble. It can be seen clearly that CCP has been identified as a transnational criminal organization.

How powerful this sanction is.

Sanctions from OFAC is more legally effective than those from U.S. Department of Commerce. Banks can not open accounts for any company that is in the list, nor can anyone do financial transactions with them. OFAC (The Office of Foreign Assets Control) is a subsidiary of the US Department of the Treasury, and its objection of sanctions include terrorists, tyrannical officials, drug traffickers and so on. The OFAC’s initial purpose was to freeze and protect the assets of countries occupied by the Nazis. President Trump signed this executive order on 17th Nov, which has not been reported until recently.

The CCP issued an article in response to Lude Media’s analysis of Xi Jinping’s call.

An article was published on to refute shortly after Lude Media analyzed the content of Xi Jinping’s conversation with Putin on December 28th evening EST. As CCP quibbled, the new year greeting 3 days in advance is only an indicator of a closer relationship between Xi Jinping and Putin. Whereas Lude Media interpreted that the Sino-Russian relationship is nothing more than a  personal complicity of Xi Jinping and Putin, and has nothing to do with 1.4 billion Chinese people.

Before the operation, Xi Jinping repeatedly asked to prevent the regime from losing power.

Xi Jinping said: “Comrades in the Central Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party must have a clear mind and bright eyes on major issues and key aspects.” This “major issues and key aspects” means that Xi Jinping must have an interventional surgery in the next 2 weeks or so, otherwise the cerebral aneurysm may explode. Xi Jinping warned the Standing Committee to behave well during this period, which actually is to warn them not to be traitors as Zhou Yongkang defected to Hu Jintao when Jiang Zemin was critically ill. For this reason, Xi Jinping specially set up a national special crisis committee.

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