The Health Condition of CCP Leaders Is a National Secret

In the December 28 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo compared ordinary people and dictators’ attitude toward their health issue. He used the examples of a well-known Chinese TV show and the movie “The Death of Stalin” to imply that dictators are usually killed by their “own people”. That’s why these dictators don’t trust anybody and hide their health condition closely.

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How are you, my honorable brothers and sisters in arms! Today is December 28th. I will not work out today, and therefore today is a comfortable, cheat day. However, I was on the terrace last night, answering and making phone calls, and caught a little cold. I haven’t caught a cold for a year. I think having a small cold is good, and a little runny nose helps expel toxins in your body. 


We are not long live or long long live emperors, right? To ordinary people, getting sick or catching a little cold is a good thing, which can help eliminate toxins in your body. Yes, usually “saints” cannot get sick easily, but once a “saint” gets sick, it is usually something really serious, and the saint might be killed by the poison mixed in the medicine or in soup, or being strangled by a yellow rope, just as what was described in the Chinese TV series Empresses in the Palace. Have you ever watched the movie The Death of Stalin? I have recommended it several times. The Death of Stalin is a wonderful movie. 

咱们也不是什么万岁万岁万万岁,是吧,常人嘛,普通人有点病,感冒一下挺好,排排毒嘛。就是啊一般的圣人不得病的。不过圣人一得病就得大病,一般都是《甄嬛传》里面给下点药啊弄点毒啊,煲汤给煲出毒那种的 ,或者拿黄绳子给勒死那种。看过斯大林那个电影了吗?我一再推荐,斯大林之死那个电影真是拍得太好了。


So the CCP is completely done, with its economy being collapsed! According to what a fellow fighter told me yesterday, now for the statistical data, the Bureau of Statistics in China have implemented the “three points and five cuts” policy internally. That is to say the director who is in charge of the data and the one who is in charge of the report cannot communicate with each other, for there is the concern that anyone who knows all of the data or reports will expose it. Things like this have happened since the Cultural Revolution, that is to promote distrust, suspicion and surveillance among each another.


Another thing is its food crisis, which has become a national security issue and a national secret! Like the [CCP] virus, the mortality rate is a secret of national security. How terrible you think it is, my brothers and sisters! Then, it is said that the mortality rate is a national secret, and the amount of grain in stock is also a national secret!   


What is more ironic, dear brothers and sisters, is that I heard a very ridiculous story yesterday. It’s said that the leadership of a province in China posted a temporary notice on the door when holding a meeting, listing questions that cannot be asked during the meeting and topics that cannot be talked about. Haha, “topics that cannot be asked or talked about” in the Provincial Party Committee, posted on the door of the Provincial Party Secretary’s meeting! Absolutely, you cannot discuss disrespectfully about anything concerning the governance of the party or anything concerning the health condition of the central leaderships in the Zhongnan Pit, right? You cannot argue how many people have died, you cannot discuss the relationship between China and the U.S., and you cannot talk about the Whistleblower Movement!   


Brothers and sisters, therefore, all of you know that the current situation in Mainland China is: everything is fake! Everything is fake!


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3 months ago

Lots of hot liquids, rest, vitamins. You’ll be up and ready to go in no time. Looks like CT? Are you my neighbor?


Himalaya Rose Garden Team

“but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint” 【Isaiah 40:31】 Dec. 29