From “Xi Jinping’s Phone Call with Russian President Putin” to the Great Internal Propaganda Tactics

On December 28, Xinhua published an article “Xi Jinping’s Phone Call with Russian President Vladimir Putin,” a less-than-1,000-word report with a hidden message.

The Lude Media has already made a profound skewering of the hidden messages behind it.

The purpose of this article is to analyze the Chinese Communist Party’s shameless tactics of official articles, and to prove once again the Chinese Communist Party’s evil tactics of manipulating the media, confusing the public, and ruling the country by falsehoods.

It begins with “President Xi Jinping spoke by phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the evening of December 28. The two heads of state exchanged New Year greetings and wished the people of China and Russia a happy New Year”. This sentence explains the status of the phone call, but deliberately avoids the question of who initiated the call. Who made the call is extremely important at a time when Xi Jinping needs urgent treatment for a brain aneurysm. The next call was to wish the people of both countries a happy new year. Timing is a very important matter in the etiquette of diplomatic relations between countries, and it is also an important practice to follow. The last time the Russian and Chinese leaders exchanged New Year greetings was on December 31, 2019. And this year, this is the first time Xi Jinping and Putin spoke on the phone and it is three days before the first day of the New Year. It is mind-boggling that the phone call took place at night, and these timing anomalies reveal the urgency of the situation, which could not wait even three days. The Chinese Communist Party tried to muddle through with such vague expressions as exchanging New Year’s greetings, but the timing was unavoidable.

The second paragraph begins: “Xi Jinping pointed out that 2020 will be an extraordinary year for China, Russia and the world”. The phrase “Xi Jinping pointed out” seems to be very authoritative, but then it is followed by an extraordinary year with nothing, which shows its arrogance.

The next step is to “explain the cause”: the COVID-19 pandemic has posed an unprecedented challenge to the safety of human life, caused a serious impact on the world economy, and the world has entered a period of turmoil and change. Again, this statement only describes the situation, without mentioning those who are responsible for it, and tries to threaten and kidnap Russian and global people through the pandemic. The CCP itself is already under the pressure which is overwhelming, like a clay Buddha is crossing the river.

Then “Real gold is not afraid of fire”. The next paragraph is all about what’s behind this. The CCP is now under too much pressure and is trying to use its interests to convince Russia to stand with the CCP in “times of crisis” and “help each other and overcome the difficulties together”.  It would be better to say so directly, but the CCP does not say so, to be ashamed! The CCP’s “time of crisis” is described as a mutual one, and the reason is the global pandemic. This kind of trick will not really kidnap Russia, but only confuse and brainwash ordinary people, because they think that the pandemic is transmitted from abroad to China, and that the pandemic in Russia is also very serious, and they think that Russia will stand with the CCP.

The next two paragraphs begin with “Xi Jinping stressed” and “said” to Putin later, which shows that Xi Jinping’s words carry far more weight than Putin’s. That said, the fact that the party asking for help to overcome difficulties is still so high-minded makes the CCP’s image of being strong from the outside visibly. In terms of what Xi Jinping supposedly emphasized, the China-Russia Treaty on Good Neighbourliness, Friendship and Cooperation is a condition Xi Jinping threw at Putin, the content of which is official language, translated into one sentence, which means that if you stand on my side and tide over the immediate crisis, I will guarantee you the benefits of the Chinese people for generations to come. When it comes to translation, it is also a feature of CCP articles that they are clearly written in square, simplified and modern characters, but still need to be translated into vernacular to be understood. The reason why this is the case is that this way is authoritative for the common people, the greatness of the Party, while the words are nasty and dirty things.

After the first “emphasis”, Xi Jinping did not rest assured and followed it up with the second “strong endogenous dynamics and independent value of Russian-Chinese relations”. What do you mean by endogenous dynamics and independent values? It means that Russia should keep its eyes and ears closed and develop endogenously with China only. The Russian side is willing to work with the Russian side to develop a new era of China-Russia comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership, to achieve the development and revitalization of their respective countries, and to make greater contributions to building a new type of international relations and a community of human destiny. Here again, to translate, “new type of international relations” and “community of human destiny” means global domination, and this fruit is shared with Russia, and is guaranteed to be effective and “firm “. Combined with the above, the near-term and long-term benefits given by Xi Jinping seem to give Russia no reason to refuse. The original article mentions that “it will not be affected by international changes”, “it will not be disturbed by any other factors”, “China and Russia will strengthen their strategic cooperation, which will effectively resist any attempts to suppress and divide the two countries, and will build a solid barrier for maintaining international Fairness and justice build a solid barrier”, such inexplicable words are now becoming so clear, is this not just walking at night and whistling to embolden oneself?

So how did Russia’s Putin respond to it, leaving aside the official words, landing on the last sentence of the summary: “to contribute to the maintenance of global strategic stability”, meaning Xi Jinping held high, was Putin gently put down: stability, not hegemony. It is a refusal. Talking about interests is fine, but fighting for your life is not. So the sentence at the end of the article “the two heads of state agreed to continue to maintain regular communication through various means”, reflecting the purpose of Xi Jinping’s phone call to seduce Putin has not yet reached, but also “continue, various ways, regular communication.

The two countries have been wishing each other a happy Chinese New Year, but it has turned into such an unpleasant emergency call to save lives. Obviously not. Xi is really running out of tricks.

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