LuDe’s Disclosure of Xi’s Hemangioma Made Xi Congratulate Putin for New Year in Advance, Trump’s Veto to Defense Act Forced Swamp Crocodiles to Perform

(December 29, 2020. LuDe Media, Morning News, Asia Time)

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Abstract: LuDe Media revealed the most confidential information about Xi Jinping’s health condition, which caused Putin’s high concern, and Xi had to pay a New Year’s call to Putin three days in advance in panic. During the phone call, Xi Jinping made all kinds of guarantees to Putin, only for Putin to give him a face and stand for him, and then accordingly, he can scare people around him and threaten Americans. In fact, Xi’s long-strained body is deteriorating and facing a major collapse at any moment amid internal and external difficulties. Will the Senate’s vote to override President Trump’s veto on the National Defense Authorization Act succeed? Bannon said Trump will certainly win.

  1. Why Xi Jinping was So Anxious to Call Putin 3 Days in Advance to Congratulate New Year

No sooner had LuDe finished his report than Xi Jinping picked up the phone and called Putin (the usual phrase “by invitation” was not included in the Xinhua news agency’s release). Was it really a phone call for new year as Xinhua said? No! It is because after the confidential information about Xi’s illness was released by LuDe Media, Putin realized that he, the KGB bigwig, was actually kept in the dark. Putin is angry and the consequences are serious, and time waits for no man, so Xi has to go immediately to explain. In addition, this affair reveals the enormous power of the Whistleblower Movement, so that Xi is deeply frightened, and must immediately discuss the response with Grandpa Putin.

  • What Else Did Xi Jinping Say on the Phone?

The first is to tell Putin, I can handle the CCP, do not worry, your benefits are guaranteed, even if I am no longer alive, the successor will continue to acknowledge the agreements. We want to be ” friendly for generations “, and it is not affected by “international changes” (U.S. sanctions and crackdowns). The second is to tell the CCP members, it is me, whom Putin recognizes. I can call him at any time, and also there is “a variety of ways to maintain regular communications”, so you guys don’t want to “turn over the sky”. The third is to tell the United States that Putin and I are allies, so you consider what you can do.

The fact that Putin took the call is a tacit indication that he still recognizes Xi Jinping for the time being, which implied that these two will support each other’s core interests, that is, their personal and political interests. As for Xi Jinping, if something happens to him or if the situation changes, then not only will Putin immediately turn his back against him, but also the most supportive people in the CCP will turn against him and the crocodiles Xi keeps in the U.S. will turn against him at any time.

  • What on Earth is Xi’s Physical Condition? Fellow Fighters to Take the Pulse

Xi’s leg problem during his visit to France in March 2019 were noticed by the media and analyzed as being the result of a brain illness, which Xi has suffered from for years.

When Xi Jinping spoke in recent appearances, his breath was insufficient of strength, slowed down, puffy faced, droopy eyelids, and even more so in his left eye. He looked more tired and inflexible, and this sense of fatigue and poor mental state resulted mainly from high-intensity emergency situations. Since he has to deal with all kinds of things himself, fearing of being trapped by someone, he can’t relax his nerves even when he sleeps, which could cause long-term damages that nutrition and medicine can hardly compensate.

  • Senate to Vote on “Trump’s Veto to National Defense Authorization Act”

On the “Trump’s Veto to the National Defense Authorization Act”, the House has already passed the veto by a vote of 290:77, including 108 members of the Republican establishment in favor of the veto. The same vote will be taken in the Senate as well, and President Trump will need only 34 supporters for the veto to succeed. The result of the Senate vote will prove that in Trump and McConnell, who is the real leader of the Republican Party?

Trump’s veto to the National Defense Authorization Act has brought all the members of the House and Senate out to perform, and the crocodiles in the swamp have no place to hide.

  • U.S. State Department Website Revealed Again That CCP Is Threatening Global Peace and Security

The article blamed that the CCP has engaged in aggressive military deployments in the Indo-Pacific region and predatory economic expansion across the globe, and also accused the CCP of massively forcing foreign companies to transfer technology, ignoring its own commitments, manipulating international organizations to advance its own unilateral strategic goals, undermining global norms and Western values, and committing serious human rights violations.

  • Bannon Said Trump Must be the Next President

Bannon said in WarRoom that Trump will definitely win, it’s just a matter of the inauguration date, either on Jan. 20, 2021 or after Pelosi has been interim president for 2 weeks.

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