[Commentary] Do you still remember?

In the summer of 2019, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi threatened:

We can open Pandora’s Box at any time.”

Yes. Less than one year after they opened Pandora’s Box, the virus has spread widely to more than 150 countries. The number of confirmed cases has increased rapidly. Hundreds of thousands of people have died, countless families, and most terrible, children have lost parents and grandparents to the monster, Covid. Many countries closed their borders and implemented mandatory quarantines, causing them isolation. This situation is utterly unprecedented in the last century. Although countries closed their doors for healing, hundreds of thousands of people are dying across the globe. 

The impact of the CCP virus on the world is immeasurable – the global economy collapsed in a flash, the stock market fell off a cliff, and economic growth came to a halt. Many governments declared a state of emergency as they fight the battle against coronavirus. People are angrily blaming China for disclosing misinformation on the origin of the CCP virus and the delay in warning the world at the early stage of the outbreak. They are anxious about the increasing number of deaths, and that the subjugation to a frightening medieval lifestyle seemingly has not reprieved.

People in the world are complaining and hating the origin of the plague. The CCP virus is a biochemical weapon manufactured in a lab in China. Dr. Yan has provided sufficient scientific evidence to prove this fact. It is an indisputable fact. This is something that has never happened since World War II. It has become the first super “Black Swan” event of the Twenty-First Century due to its unexpectedness and the major international disruptions caused by a profound change in our normative thinking. 

When catastrophic pandemic sweeps the Earth, we must study their source, and when shown to be the product of a rogue nation-state intending to harm, we must hold those accountable for such crimes. The CCP planned and carried out this unforgivable act, and it is liable for all the disasters caused by the virus. 

Author: Nancy

Proofreaders: Jerry, Rica

Editors: Jerry, Rica

Reviewer: Rica

Publisher: Publicity Group of the Buddhist Department of HIMALAYA MOS, New York

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