The Central Rural Work Conference was held, and the issue of food security became the focus again

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  • Translator: 里奇

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According to a report from Xinhua News Agency on December 29, the Central Rural Work Conference was held in Beijing from December 28 to 29. CCP leader Xi Jinping attended the meeting and delivered a speech, and Li Keqiang presided over the meeting. Li Zhanshu, Wang Yang, Wang Huning, Zhao Leji and Han Zheng attended the meeting. The meeting discussed “Opinions of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and the State Council on Comprehensively Promoting Rural Revitalization and Accelerating Agricultural and Rural Modernization (Discussion Draft).”

Xi emphasized the importance and urgency of the “three rural” work (which refers to agriculture, rural areas and farmers) and made the resolution of the “three rural” issues a priority for the whole party. He emphasized that the focus of “three rural” work has shifted from poverty alleviation to rural revitalization, which helps consolidate and expand poverty alleviation results.

Xi puts special emphasis on food security, and food production must be stepped up every year. It is necessary to strictly guard against the red line of 1.8 billion acres of cultivated land and take hard measures to implement the strictest cultivated land protection system. A lot of work needs to be done to help build high-standard farmland and to protect the black soil. We must adhere to the independence of agricultural science and technology and tackle key core technologies. We must mobilize farmers’ enthusiasm for growing grain. Local party committees and governments at all levels must shoulder the political responsibility for food security and implement the same responsibility between the party and the government. Both the governor and the secretary of each province must take responsibility for the issue of “rice bag”(food security). We must promote structural reforms on the agricultural supply side. We must do a good job in restoring live pig production. Enterprises will get support to expand business overseas. Food waste is prohibited.

Recently, the CCP has repeatedly emphasized food security, which reflects its deep concern about stable food supply. The high standards and level of this meeting, the urgent and stern wording, and the high level of local leaders confirmed that the CCP is facing a huge food crisis that cannot be overcome.


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