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Xi Jinping has had interventional therapy several times on intracranial aneurysm.

Xi Jinping’s henchmen disclose that he has had interventional therapy several times on intracranial aneurysm. According to the doctor group, intracranial aneurysm is a ticking time bomb in the brain. An intracranial aneurysm is a weak or thin area along an artery wall in the brain, so there is a dangerous possibility that it may burst. It is hard to say how long interventional therapy can prolong one’s life, which is determined by many factors, such as the physical condition of the patient, and the doctor’s skill and experience, to name a few. It is certain that this kind of therapy causes injuries in the brain and body to some extent. Some intracranial aneurysms can never be rooted out and will often recur following successful therapy. Usually patients of intracranial aneurysm can only survive several or more than 10 years after interventional therapy, so it is quite thought-provoking that Xi has had such therapies many times and he is now going to have another.

What it means that Xi Jinping set up a national special crisis committee.

Xi Jingping set up a national special crisis committee in the hope of transferring the power to keep the CCP alive another day in case anything goes wrong. Among the members are Ding Xuexiang, Xu Qiliang and other Xi’s henchmen. Stunningly, Wang Qishan, the current Vice President of communism China, is not included.

Xi set up the committee the instant the Whistle-Blower-Movement interpreted his physical condition, indicating it was someone around him who released his health information.

Disclosure of CCP’s secret force.

The CCP regime has continued ever since because of two key factors. Firstly, its wealth kept offshore safely, which Miles Guo called an overseas treasure map. Secondly, its secret force that has been kept hidden for many years. They have a characteristic in common: following the handler, not the system.

CCP’s secret force is its covert operatives who have been hidden for many years that can be a driver, a nanny or even your bodyguard, all of whom can strike a fatal blow when needed. Besides the support from Comintern (Communist International), it was for such a secret force that Mao Zedong could stay in charge in those years and defeated everyone, whether it was Liu Shaoqi who controlled the government or Lin Biao who controlled the army. The secret force was passed on to Zhang Yufeng, Mao’s confidential secretary, nurse, and mistress and Wang Dongxing, the chief of Mao’s personal bodyguard force.

Double agent Xiong Guangkai may have defected to the United States.

Xiong Guangkai, as the head of the CCP’s military intelligence, is a double-faced agent who disclosed to the United States related information about the CCP’s space force and navy, including the anonymous letter from the former standing committee members. Now that the international situation has changed suddenly, he should have defected to the United States.

The Whistleblower Movement calls on Xi Jinping to realize his mistakes, mend his ways and not to become a sinner for a thousand generations.

Never was the Whistleblower Movement against Xi, in the hope that Xi, as a descendant of Xi Zhongxun, a famous liberal within CCP, may come back to the right cause. When Xi came to power at the very beginning, he was bent on reforms actually, but in the end became more and more assimilated by the system.

President Trump tweeted 4 times to recommend a CCP-eliminating video.

Trump recommended a CCP-eliminating video made by an independent U.S. media four times and called it a must-see. Trump retweeted twice on December 20 and twice again on December 24, showing how important it is. It can be seen from the video that the entire United States knows what Biden is, the entire United States knows the source of the virus, and all know that Hollywood, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal are controlled by the CCP.  It is not that only our followers of the Whistleblower Movement know all this; the truth will spread to every corner across the language barrier. Whether the event or statement is true or false,  it will eventually be verified and answered by time.

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