CCP Is Screwed Over by Its Own Surveillance Systems

In his Dec. 26 GTV Getter video, Miles disclosed that the evidence of genocide and mass killing, as well as the secret of the CCP virus have been all captured by CCP’s own surveillance system and obtained by other people. Miles also warned all brothers-in-arms of the Witshleblower Movement that one should never do evil or behave like the CCP – using hypocrisy to cover up one’s greed because “only truth is unbreakable”.

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Had a little walk around here, and it felt so good! Did a lap around here, not bad at all! Did a lap, really, not bad! Too many surveillance systems [along the way], “Click, click, click, click, click…” Look! Look! Surveillance system like this one, as you can see, is everywhere.


Currently, the CCP has installed the most surveillance systems in the world, and they have sold their weapons of surveillance. It turns out that the CCP has now been completely screwed over by their own surveillance systems. The evidence of genocide and mass killing, as well as the making of the virus, have all been obtained. Look at this thing, look at this thing! So one should never do evil. The truth can’t be fake, and the fake can’t be true. Eventually, everything will be revealed to the public. Believe it or not, the CCP is the best example. Brothers and sisters, what can the NFSC and the Whistleblower Movement bring to everybody? “Only truth is unbreakable.”


In no case should you do evil, and you should never believe that trying to be clever will work. Don’t use gods, spirits, or your hypocrisy to cover up your greed. Admit it if you are greedy, admit it if you are narrow minded, which is human nature. But one should not infringe on the interests of others. Moreover, one should not believe that it’s his or her opportunity out of other people’s stupidity. Are other people really stupid? Haven’t they seen it through? That’s because they just aren’t willing to say it.


Don’t act like the CCP. If you tell the CCP that, I want to withdraw money from my bank, and also I want to be fed, and I want to get paid. The CCP will say, “Hey, let’s talk about dream and passion.” Right? If you say, “I just want to get my things back.” It will say, “Then let’s talk about sacrifice and devotion.” Right? Whenever you say, “I need to feed my family.” It will say, “Hey, you need to talk about selflessness, and learn from Lei Feng! [a hero figure in CCP’s propaganda campaigns]”


S.O.B.! You [the CCP] took away money [from people]. You took away people’s lives. You took away public interest, and you not only own more wealth than the whole population of some nations, but you are almost controlling the whole universe! You push the people to advocate sacrifice and devotion, and not to do anything to benefit themselves, but people can only benefit you. This S.O.B. CCP has now been monitored by the surveillance systems built by itself. Oops! Won’t say anymore! I accidentally said too much, right? Okay, okay, okay. Gotta go! Gotta go! Coming, Coming! [As] soon [as] possible. Ho-ho, ho-ho, I am not allowed to talk too much.

王八蛋!你们拿[走]的钱,你们拿[走]的人命,你们拿[走]的利益,不是富可敌国,你们快控制全宇宙啦!叫人民讲奉献、讲无私。不能有利己,只讲利你们。这个王八蛋的共产党,现在自己建的监控系统,把自己给控了。哟,不说了,一说就说漏了,是卜?好好好,马上走!马上走!Coming,Coming! [As] soon [as] possible. 呵呵呵呵呵,不叫我说那么多。

Acknowledgement: The makers of this video would like to thank Caihongqiao for making the Chinese transcript available at

Translator:【Naomi (文花开)】 Proofreaders:【gavinguo(文钦)】【Isaiah4031】【BruhM】Subtitle:【Embracer牙牙】Video transcoding and editing:【恒久忍耐】Editor:【Isaiah4031】

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