US Sanctions on CCP Military Companies 12/28

U.S. imposes sanctions on Communist Chinese military companies(CCMC).

Michael Pompeo, US Secretary of State delivered press statement on Protecting U.S. Investors from Financing Communist Chinese Military Companies on Dec.28, 2020.

US Treasury Department published Communist Chinese Military Companies Frequently Asked Questions and Related List on Dec.28, 2020.

US Treasury Department noted that President Trump’s Executive Order 13959 prohibits the ownership of any CCMC shares by exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and index funds, as well as any of their 50 percent or greater majority-owned subsidiaries that have been publicly listed by the Treasury or Defense Departments.

Beginning on January 11, 2021, U.S. investors will no longer be able to transact in publicly traded or private market debt or equity securities, or any securities that are derivative thereof, regardless of the percentage ownership of CCMCs, with full divestment required by November 11, 2021.


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