A Letter to President Trump

Every Gengzi year since 1840 has been a time of many disasters for the Chinese (1900, 1960, 2020), yet this Gengzi year of 2020 is not only a time of great trouble for the Chinese, the whole world is being carried into darkness by the Chinese Communist Party.

The United States in 2020 actually suffered two deadly war attacks, one was the biochemical virus attack (CCP virus) at the beginning of the year; the other was the presidential election starting on November 3, which was maliciously manipulated by the Chinese Communist Party to put its puppet, Joe Biden, in power to eventually control the United States, bring down the United States, and kill the United States for the evil purpose of ruling the world! This is the evil purpose of ruling the world!

As a non-American, I am very anxious to see the Chinese Communist Party infiltrate the United States in such a crazy way! Although I do not have the sacred ballot that the American people have, I have voted for you countless times in my heart, and I am not only your staunch supporter, but I am convinced that you will be re-elected!

In the four years since you took office, anyone with a conscience will see the tremendous accomplishments you have brought to the American people and the great contributions you have made to world peace.

You insisted on personally holding daily outbreak briefings and discussing with pharmaceutical manufacturers the deployment of vaccines during the virus epidemic; the U.S. stock market hit record highs during your tenure; you took on the Chinese Communist Party and negotiated an unprecedented trade deal that significantly reduced the unfair trade deficit; all of which previous presidents had not dared to think about or do!

You are the only leader who accurately saw the wolfish ambitions of the Chinese Communist Party and had the courage to act against them!
In summary, I would feel deeply proud and blessed to be an American with a President who cares about the people! In retrospect, what the Chinese Communist Party has done really pales in comparison.

I would like to say: Some of the senior members of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, as well as those who have no responsibility, no bottom line legal “workers”, and those so-called media people who do not care about the facts, they do not have America in their hearts! They treat the interests of the country as a plaything! They have no regard for the threat and bullying of the United States and the world by the Chinese Communist Party! They only care about their own personal and partisan interests, and they have failed the American founding fathers! They have seriously failed the American people! They will surely be despised by all conscientious, aware, courageous and uncompromising American people.

I firmly believe that you will persevere to the end, and you will have the determination and wisdom to defeat the evil Chinese Communists and finally achieve the victory that should be your’s! At the same time, I deeply hope that you will learn more about the New Federal State of China, the Whistleblower Movement, and firmly believe that the New Federal State of China people must be the friends of the American people, while fighting together side by side on the road to eradicating the most evil organization in the world today, the Chinese Communist Party, so that America will have lasting peace and security!

Make America Great Again!!!

Dec. 24 2020 Christmas Eve
by Roadmap

(This article is intended to represent a personal view.)

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4 months ago

Here is my open letter to Trump:
Take out the garbage (aka Democrats) and toss them all in prison for their apparent treason!
Make sure they are in total isolation for life without the possibility or ever being released by anyone at any time.

You have only 3 chances left to take back this country from the evil Democrats.
1) Pray that congress sides with out and reelected you.
2) Pray a comet crashes down on the Democrats during their oath taking.
3) Well, this one I cannot post online.