[3Rights’ Column] Ten Powers Unified in One Party (3) Totalitarian Ruling of the Chinese Communist Party — The Military (continued)

Author: Mr. 3Rights

Translator: TonyJ

Summary: During the war years, the CCP’s military engaged in “people’s war,” “all the people are soldiers,” and “human sea tactics,” in which soldiers were mixed with civilians and kidnapped the people on their own chariots to seize power. In peacetime, the CCP has engaged in “civil-military integration”, borrowed private enterprises to achieve military expansion and technology theft, and implemented “unrestricted warfare” against the West, an example of which being Huawei. The CCP’s military has extended its “all the people are soldiers” to overseas by using united front organizations at all levels to develop technical intelligence personnel among overseas Chinese and international students. In this way, the Chinese military uses gang-like tactics to recruit and blackmail the Chinese people to serve a small group of Chinese kleptocrats.

The CCP not only uses the military to control the people, but also uses the military to hold the Chinese people hostage to serve the CCP.

According to the Geneva International Convention, if a soldier is captured in uniform or surrenders his weapon, he is considered a prisoner of war and may not be mistreated or killed. But if a soldier wears civilian clothes, he or she is considered a spy and can be shot at any time. Soldiers are soldiers, civilians are civilians, and soldiers do not disturb civilians, which is to protect civilians. During the war years, the CCP kidnapped innocent civilians on its chariot, which the Communist Party called “people’s war”, “all the people are soldiers”, and “human sea tactics”.

We can see this in countless CCP films and TV shows, such as “Tunnel Warfare”, “Mine Warfare”, “Plains Guerrillas”, etc., where CCP troops are mixed in with the people. The film “Devils on the Doorstep” directed by Jiang Wen fully illustrates this scene. The Chinese Communist soldiers put a captured Japanese soldier and an interpreter in sacks and put them under the custody of the people’s homes, but no one came to pick them up on the scheduled day. The people could not bear to kill them. They let them go, and finally the whole village civilians were massacred by the Japanese soldiers. This movie was banned in mainland China because it was a true reflection of the true nature of the Chinese Communist soldiers who disturbed the people. The Japanese often slaughtered innocent civilians during the war, which was very cruel, but this had something to do with the fact that the Chinese communist army was mixed with the civilians, and the Japanese soldiers could not tell which were soldiers and which were civilians. Of course, the author is not here to exonerate the Japanese army, but only to show that the CCP’s People’s War was an inhumane act. In the later civil war, the Chinese Communist army even organized civilians to charge at the front line, hiding behind them to charge and consume the ammunition and energy of the Kuomintang army. The Chinese communist army even exaggerated the situation by using naked women wrapped in bed sheets to charge at the front line, while the soldiers supervised the battle behind them. The Chinese Communist army also used the tactic of forcing civilians to kill so that they would have blood on their hands and hand in their names to force them to join the Chinese Communist army. This kind of gangster tactic of kidnapping people is one of the means by which the CCP gained power.

In times of peace, the CCP continues to use this tactic. We often see CCP military institutions adjacent to civilian residential or work areas. In the South China Sea, Taiwan Strait, East China Sea and Yellow Sea, the Chinese navy and marine police often pretend to be CCP fishing boats or civilian fishing boats to engage in military operations in the waters, a typical case of which being using fishing boats to swear sovereignty over the disputed Diaoyu Islands between China and Japan, and using disguised fishing boats to ram Vietnamese and Philippine fishing boats in the South China Sea to demonstrate hegemony. The South China Sea is high seas according to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and the ruling of the Permanent International Court of Arbitration, but the CCP has established the administrative region of Sansha City in the South China Sea to govern all islands and waters of the Xisha, Nansha and Zhongsha Islands, challenging international rules by building artificial islands, airports and ostensibly civilian facilities, and moving civilians to some of the islands, actually deploying military facilities. The CCP is also engaged in military deployment activities in the South China Sea in the name of offshore oil exploration. Many Chinese ocean-going fishing vessels are actually CCP disguised military vessels engaged in military operations or espionage operations. After the U.S. sanctioned North Korea, the CCP military often used fishing boats as cover to secretly deliver supplies to North Korea at sea. In recent years, the CCP has contracted many construction projects overseas and dispatched its own construction teams, which are commonly mixed with CCP military and intelligence personnel to engage in intelligence activities, so that in the event of a military conflict or war, these personnel can immediately be armed and become military units.

In 2015, CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed the national development strategy of “civil-military integration” and personally served as the director of the CCP’s Civil-Military Integration Development Committee, vigorously promoting civil-military integration, which is actually a new form of CCP’s “All people are soldiers”. Western countries also have civil-military cooperation, but it is limited to technical and economic cooperation, but the CCP is different, as it borrows private enterprises to engage in military expansion and technology theft, with Huawei as a typical example. Huawei is a private company with a decentralized shareholding, and does not even have a major shareholder, but its founder Ren Zhengfei is a retired military officer, and its former chairman Sun Yafang was an official of the Ministry of State Security, so Huawei is actually a Chinese Communist military enterprise. Huawei is implementing its 5G expansion internationally under the banner of a private enterprise, which in reality is to control Western communications and achieve the military objectives of the CCP military. Many private companies, private research institutions, universities and research institutes, or companies like Huawei that are actually controlled by the CCP military under the banner of private enterprises, are stealing Western technology in the name of business dealings or cooperative research. Recently, the U.S. has imposed sanctions on many Chinese companies and institutions, but because U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin has been bought by CCP interests, many Chinese companies continue to use covert subsidiaries to break through the U.S. blockade by mingling with private trade. Some U.S.-registered companies such as ZOOM and TIKTOK, which are cloaked as U.S.-owned enterprises, are actually controlled by the CCP military or intelligence agencies and collect intelligence for the CCP in the United States. This is actually what the CCP calls “unrestricted warfare”.

The CCP has overt intelligence agencies such as the military’s general staff intelligence department, diplomatic, national security, and public security intelligence agencies, but the CCP military has developed many covert intelligence agencies in the civilian sector. One of the three main assets of the CCP’s founding is the united front, so there are united front departments at all levels of the CCP’s organization, and to provide cover, there is also the organization of the Political Consultative Conference at all levels on top of it. The CPPCC and the CCP’s United Front Departments oversee all kinds of civil organizations to serve the CCP, among which are intelligence functions. Typical examples are the China Federation of Industry and Commerce, the China Foreign Cultural Exchange Center, the European and American Association (China Association of Students Abroad), and so on. The CCP has also developed these united-war organizations overseas. In the United States, there is the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, which has set up chapters in various universities in the United States, and there are various Chinese chambers of commerce and hometown associations throughout the United States. Many technical personnel working in American high-tech companies and international students studying cutting-edge technology in American universities were promised monetary compensation by the CCP organizations in the name of patriotism and unknowingly became CCP technical intelligence personnel, and were blackmailed by the CCP after they were first hooked. Many overseas Chinese and international students have fallen into the CCP’s quagmire, and even many Americans have been bribed and blackmailed, and in recent years the U.S. has often uncovered cases of overseas Chinese stealing U.S. technology. This bottomless CCP practice of ‘All people are soldiers” has dragged normal overseas Chinese employment down with it, and universities in the U.S. and many Western countries have banned Chinese students from studying U.S. high-tech technology, affecting the paths of countless innocent Chinese students seeking education.

This is how the Chinese military and intelligence agencies use the “people’s war” in which “all people are soldiers” to blackmail the innocent Chinese people into serving them, a tactic that even gansters and terrorists cannot even hope to match. In the end, only a handful of kleptocratic families will benefit.

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