Doctor in China Revealed the Details of Vaccination

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Around Christmas, the global epidemic broke out again, and the virus continued to escalate and mutate. As one of the methods of cutting leeks, the “units” within the Chinese Communist Party’s system have organized vaccinations. In order to avoid responsibility, the vaccinated people are asked to write a “Voluntary Letter.” A doctor in China publicized the whole process of Vaccination on social media on December 26 (Beijing time), saying frankly, “Is the vaccine useful? It’s hard to tell. I want to say that we are mice, and I also admitted it”. The doctor’s record is more like a reminder or one whistle blow.

Dr. Lin Xiaoqing, who is certified as a “Fujian Medical University Dermatologist” and has 1.58 million followers on Weibo, has revealed the whole process of the vaccination organized in his unit on the 26th. Dr. Lin revealed that the injection of the Covid-19 vaccine was organized by his unit, and it was the second batch of injections in the district. Those who can register during this period are generally “designated hospital medical staff, port staff, cold chain contact staff, police, bus drivers and other front-line staff”.

Dr. Lin revealed a few details about the vaccination. It is necessary to bring an ID card which can track an individual’s situation. In addition, the injections are not allowed to anyone with a history of hypertension, medications, vaccines and food allergies, and the pregnant or breastfeeding women. The Covid-19 vaccine and HPV vaccine are not recommended either.

Dr. Lin described that the Covid-19 vaccine was injected into the deltoid muscle on the left arm. The injection was produced by Beijing Biological Products Co., Ltd. The name of the product is Aikewei, 4ug/0.5ml per piece. A second injection is required one month later. “It was really painful during the injection. I still felt a slight pain after two hours of the injection.” Dr. Lin said that some people might give up the injection due to the pain.

As a medical staff, Dr. Lin knows more about the effect of the so-called vaccine on the current epidemic than the common people. Through the social media, Dr. Lin boldly stated some of her personal opinions. He clearly pointed out that the so-called vaccines currently being used should be considered as the Phase III clinical observations. So, anyone who received the injections are all considered as white mice. “However, we (the white mice) are required to participate so that the safety and effectiveness of vaccines in my country can be evaluated better.”  Although you know that it won’t work, you still have to try it. This is the current status in the Communist China. Dr. Lin also said, “I’m not sure if the antibodies I got with the injection are capable enough to resist the virus. And I don’t know how long the antibodies produced in the body can last or how soon it will subside.”

Therefore, Dr. Lin advocated that after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, you still need to wear a mask especially in the crowded places. Wearing a mask is currently the best way to prevent virus transmission. The author noticed that after Dr. Lin’s article was exposed, many people left comments and had discussions. In the poll he initiated on “Will you get China’s Covid-19 vaccine in the first time?”, The answers “No” and “Watching” are far more than “Yes”. It can be seen that the common people have a good idea about viruses and vaccines.

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Appraising Dr. Lin’s courage to tell the truth in that iron-fist environment.

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