CCP’s Anti-Monopoly Investigation Show Ended in a Hurry,Wall Street Nakedly Threatened Trump to Sign Bill

(December 27, 2020. LuDe Media, Evening News, Asia Time, LuAnMo Talk)

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Abstract: The CCP’s anti-monopoly investigation of Alibaba ended hastily in just 3 days, and the acting was not even like acting. The top five ways the CCP colludes with Wall Street to cheat people out of their money. Wall Street threatened Trump must sign the New Coronavirus Relief Act or they will flip out. Trump tweeted that he would “see you in Washington on January 6”. The cheater Fauci forgot which hand he was holding out when he performed to receive the vaccination.

1. CCP’s Anti-Monopoly Investigation of Alibaba Ended in 3 Days

Anti-monopoly investigation of any company in the United States lasts at least 1 year. In contrast, the anti-monopoly investigation of Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce company, was completed in just 3 days by the CCP. It seems that the U.S. SEC investigation of Alibaba is on the way, and there is not enough time for both sides to act.

But the CCP has forgotten that judicial investigations in the CCP are not recognized by the United States. The value of such an act ultimately depends on the internal contesting of the United States.

2. 5 Ways the CCP Colludes with Wall Street to Cheat Money Using Chinese Stocks

Taking the analysis of network stocks among Chinese stocks as an example, these five major schemes are: raising funds by initial listing of stocks; raising funds repeatedly by issuing bonds and additional shares after listing; borrowing and cheating money from foreign banks using the status of companies listed; eating up short term trading rival stocks through short term market manipulation; eating up long term investment rival stocks through annual report manipulation. Both short and long term market manipulation are mainly realized through news manipulation. News manipulation mainly consists of two ways, one is financial report manipulation and the other is traffic manipulation by network companies. Traffic manipulation is achieved through collusion between the listed companies and the CCP’s communications companies.

The multiple money-making functions of Chinese stocks have helped the CCP and Wall Street steal the vast wealth of investors in the U.S. and all over the world, allowing them to manipulate global financial markets whatever they want today.

3. Shocking Message Concealed in President Trump’s Tweet “See You in Washington on Jan. 6”

According to an analysis of the latest news, the content of the above tweet implies that President Trump will stay at the Mar-a-Lago estate until Jan. 6. Trump will be accompanied by his personal assistant Giuliani. Under the second hole of the estate’s golf course is the nuclear sanctuary. Built by President John F. Kennedy in the 1960s, the sanctuary, which has been reopened since 2018 after being re-decorated, is now controlled by the U.S. military and is inaccessible to Antifa, which can absolutely guarantee the president’s safety.

After this election, the CCP has not made a move publicly. Once the real move is made, it will be Xi Jinping’s words to make Trump disappear before Jan. 6.

President Trump stayed in Mar-a-Lago for such a long time, in addition to avoiding any unforeseen events before Jan. 6, it is believed that he was also planning his upcoming super operation in a confidential manner.

4. Wall Street Threatened Trump to Flip out if Not Sign the Relief Act

When President Trump took office, he realized that he had to balance the power of the swamp, so he was forced to keep using Mnuchin, who represents Wall Street. As President Trump shelved the New Coronavirus Relief Act, MSN headlines broke the news that Mnuchin is part of a communist movement that must be cleared. The intent was to pressure President Trump that if the Act is not signed, Mnuchin and the Wall Street he represents, will immediately flip out. The deadline for signing the New Coronavirus Relief Act is within 10 business days of President Trump receiving it, i.e., January 14, 2021.

5. Fauci Patted His Unvaccinated Right Hand and Said It Felt Good

Some netizens dug out that at the time of Fauci’s vaccination show, he was extending his left arm. Only 2 days passed and Dr. Fauci forgot that he had been given the injection with that hand. Because he had not been vaccinated at all and his arm did not hurt, so, of course, he cannot remember it.

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