Highlights of Lude Media (Morning)-Dec 28, 2020

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• Xi’s current health status has been confirmed by those close to him: The blood vessels in his brain could burst at any time, and Xi will absolutely undergo surgery.

o Xi has just established the National Crisis Management Office to ensure his family continues to rule China if something happens to him during the surgery. Members include Xu Qiliang, Ding Xuexiang, Zhu Xuefeng, and Xi’s younger brother Xi Yuanping.

o Mr. Lu De reveals that Mao Zedong took over the power of the Communist International and passed it on to Hu Jintao. It is now under Xi’s control.

o The Whistleblower Movement is dedicated to awakening our fellow Chinese, especially members of the hidden force that supports Xi, to overthrow this corrupt CCP system.

• Xiong Guangkai, a retired Chinese general, has worked as a double agent for China and the U.S. for years. According to Mr. Lu De, Xiong has provided the U.S. with information on CCP’s Navy and Space Force.

• Attorney Sidney Powell has confirmed in an interview that President Trump won’t name her special counsel.

o Attorney Powell is outstanding, but not neutral enough in the position because she is a Trump supporter.

• President Trump has tweeted the anti-Communist video we discussed earlier four times, proving his desire to immediately take down the CCP.

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Just enjoy the interesting article of Gnews! Dec. 28, 2020