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Speakers: Stella, MikeHua, TCC; Summary: MikeHua;PR: EK熵;Final read: EK熵/TCC;Page: Rain

Broadcasted date: 27/12/2020

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Prologue: CCP’s Goal is to Overthrow the United States

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Topic 1: New Strains of Virus: Miles Guo Said in Feb, “there will be virus mutations”

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The South African originated mutation is “very different” from that found in the UK, but both appear to be highly transmissible, an expert says.

Comment Summary:

Miles Guo said early in February that the virus will mutate and Dr. Yan also warned that vaccine will not work. Everything comes true today with the identified new strain of virus in the UK. People in science community and politics are all not coming out with the full truth about the pandemic. It is very likely many of them simply want to make money from selling the vaccine.

Topic 2: Key Events and Time Points of CCP’s Cover-ups in its Unrestricted Bio-warfare


Comment Summary:

The roadmap of CCP’s unrestricted bio-warfare is very clear by connecting the dots from early December 2019. The suppression of the whistleblowers, lockdown after World Economy Forum in Davos and the worldwide hoarding of PPEs… All of these attributed to a concerted bio-warfare plan of the CCP. With a bit of common sense, one could conclude that the CCP is the origin of this pandemic. To solve the issue of this pandemic, we have to deal with the root cause, not the symptom. This will require taking down the CCP so that the experts can access Ground Zero (Wuhan) to forensically investigate the creation of the virus so that we have a chance to restore to our life to a certain normality.

Topic 3: Cut of CCP’s Sources of Support: Sanctions Against CCP Companies

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Comment Summary:

All the companies which are linked with CCP’s malign behaviors have little to do with the People in China. The Chinese people don’t own anything in reality as all assets and belongings are owned by the communist party. These companies use the US capital market to obtain US dollars not to benefit Chinese people but to build surveillance system, police system and military enhancements to suppress the Chinese people. We, the Chinese people, don’t want that and we support the taking down of the CCP!

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