【G Times】Seize victory through a surprise attack by breaking inertial thinking

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On 27 December US time, President Trump tweeted a call for American patriots to assemble in Washington DC on 6 January.

Some patriots have also tweeted to call on people to take up their civil right to own guns. The life and death of America depend on it.

The American Declaration of Independence states that all human beings are created equal, that governmental authority is only justified when it has been recognised and granted by the people. The purpose of establishing a government is to safeguard the right to life, property and the pursuit of happiness.

When the dark forces are taking away citizens’ lives and property, suppressing freedom of speech and press, and corrupting the laws, judiciary and administration, how should we respond?

How can the truth be told to a wider public on Jan. 6?

The author has discussed several times with the audience in [G Times] that what the Trump team lacks is not evidence, but a channel to release the evidence to the public. Facing the all-out blockade of the mainstream media and social media, how to break through the information blockade is President Trump’s battle of Trenton. It needs to break out of the box to win by surprise.

1, Satellite intervention to force cut into the TV screen.

When the lives and property of the American people are threatened, when the whole country is facing destruction in the face of foreign invasion, when freedom of speech and freedom of the press is entirely controlled and ended by the forces of darkness, which side will the law be on?

With the US’s high-tech power, the fastest and most effective way to force cut into the TV channels of the mainstream media and send more of the truth to the global public via satellite.

2, Use all Electronic screens on the streets of America.

Electronic screens and outdoor advertising are also excellent channels for placement. When US national security is at stake, using all platforms and letting go is the way to victory.

3, Crawler technology and email placement.

Any email that has been exposed on the Internet can be crawled by crawler technology and thus become a channel for spreading the truth. The audience could be in the hundreds of millions.

On the legal side, there will be no legal disputes as it is not a profit-making exercise for commercial purposes.

4, Social Media

With the current high-tech power, it is possible to control the social media like Twitter and FB, only that it is not convenient to intervene due to legal factors. However, at this critical moment when the whole human civilisation is suffering from the end, what will certain righteous high-tech forces choose to do?

A gentleman has a baseline, but a rascal has no modesty. This is exactly what dark forces such as the Chinese Communist Party rely on to do evil without a baseline. Learn from the lessons of history, break out of the mindset and break out of the routine in order to win by surprise.

The people have the right to overthrow the government with a gun

The American Declaration of Independence provides that when the government is contrary to these ends, the people have the right and the duty to alter or remove it, and to establish a new government according to the needs of the people.

Jefferson, the drafter of the US Constitution, believed that the right to bear arms could only be put into practice if the people had that right. The US Constitution states that any article can be changed to suit future circumstances, but the article that the people are free to be armed must never be changed.

It is written into the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

If the people are not free to bear arms, liberal democracy will be denied. The Constitution says that when the government turns its guns on the people, the people can use their guns to overthrow the government.

It is reported that on January 6, 1.5 million American patriots are expected to be armed with guns to protest the US election fraud. If Biden wants to win, he first has to ask the people about the guns in their hands!

270 pages of undeniable evidence

Sidney Powell released an explosive document to Zenger News this week about foreign interference in the 2020 US presidential election.

The 270-page document includes sworn affidavits, evidence and testimony from numerous witnesses and sources.

A 270-page document detailing all the facts about election fraud! The document includes testimony from the military and details everything from interference, to the origins of voting machine fraud, to cyber security intrusions into US election systems.

The Zenger News writes: “Powell argues that the documents in the binder prove that direct foreign interference and fraud tainted the Nov. 3 presidential election, in which President Trump was re-elected.

This document will be the most substantial evidence of fraud in the US 2020 election. At the congressional arguments on 6 January, the Biden team will have to refute all 270 pages of testimony, witnesses and evidence, page by page, if they want to prove that there is no fraud in this election.

However, this is something that is unlikely to happen.

  (The content of this article represents the personal views of the author only)

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