Lude Daily Briefing Morning Edition 2020.12.27 – NewYork Time

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The investigation team concluded Alibaba’s double reed investigation

The antitrust investigation team concluded Alibaba’s investigation in three days. A large number of Alibaba’s accounts and contracts were investigated after only three days. Those who didn’t know thought  money counters were used to review the accounts. Now the CCP’s anti-monopoly investigation, coupled with the domestic media’s curse on Jack Ma, is all aimed at escaping US sanctions on China concept stocks for Alibaba. Alibaba has always been able to do so well in the US, and it is inseparable from the blending powers within the US behind the back. They, together with the CCP, used Alibaba to collect and divide money in the US market.

Trump tweeted what it means to meet on January 6

President Trump went to the Mar-a-Lago for Christmas and declared that he would not return to the White House before January 6. Coincidentally, it is not far from the Peanut Island Nuclear Refuge built during the Kennedy era. It revealed a lot of information, perhaps for safety, to prevent Antifa riots, or to avoid other special circumstances. However, as early as 2018, President Trump opened the nuclear shelter, which shows that everything is in the layout of President Trump.

Mnuchin was exposed by the US media as having close relationships with the CCP

This time the US media revealed that Mnuchin has close ties with the Chinese Communist Party and has ties to Xi, and urged he should be clean up. However, although it seems to be condemning Mnuchin for colluding with the CCP, it in fact was pushing Trump to sign a stimulus bill on behalf of the Wall Street. Now we can see that President Trump’s visit to the Mar-a-Lago is far-reaching. Mr. Guo’s concern about the two vice president candidates is profound.

Quotes from Lude

How much American funds Alibaba has eaten up in the turmoil of the past few years, and the black box blending with the CCP is the reason Wall Street makes money. In recent years, since the CCP joined the WTO, Wall Street has more and more money, its power has grown, and its influence on American politics and various aspects has become stronger. This is the most important and fundamental reason why they must help the CCP and must not let the CCP fall: it is too profitable to blend with the CCP! ! !

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