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Who are Two Senior Members of the Standing Committee that Wrote Letters to Pressure Xi Jinping?

Xi Jinping convened a meeting at the member level of the Politburo, saying that the current situation is of great pressure like Mount Tai, requesting the Politburo to study “Xi’s thoughts.” Two old members of the Standing Committee, Wen Jiabao and Jia Qinglin, jointly wrote to put pressure on Xi Jinping. The letter mentioned the food crisis, financial decoupling and sanctions, employment issues, etc. When bank runs are banned, it will cause serious social consequences. An explosion soon occurred in the internal CCP.

Xi Came to Power due to Wen Jiabao

The Lude Media broke the news that it was Wen Jiabao that Xi came to power. Wen took the initiative to deal with Bo Xilai and laid the foundation for Xi to come to power, thinking that Xi dares not touch him. Later, Wen hoped that Xi would step down, but was ignored by Xi.

The Old Leaders See the Situation is Pressing

No one now dares to challenge Xi anymore, while Wen Jiabao and Jia Qinglin still dared to write letters. It is said that they watched the programs of the Whistleblower Movement, knowing how tense of the situation: it is not what Xi always thought that he controlled the US election by controlling the Biden administration to control everything. This wishful thinking failed thoroughly.

CCP may face a War, Wall Street had Withdrawn Investment from German Empire Leading to Economic Collapse

Before World War I, in Germany, 1 U.S. dollar was exchanged for 4 German marks. By November 1923, it was 4.2 billion German marks for 1 dollar. It’s generally a result of Germany Empire’s failure of World War I, however, the most important reason is that it cooperated with Wall Street in the real estate economy, and mortgaged various domestic assets to obtain funds for development, Wall Street finally withdrew funds, then German economic collapsed. Similarly, Wall Street withdrew its investment, and the apparent economic prosperity of the CCP will end.

What’s the Intent of CCP’s Release of Revised National Defense Law?

The CCP added Xi Thought to the National Defense Law and changed it to an aggression law. The Law included the strengthening of military-civil fusion, the path of a strong military with characteristics of national defense for all people, the scientific research for the first priority of national defense, and the mobilization for all people in a state of war. If under the state of war, CCP could directly seize human, material and financial resources. It was also to pave the way for killing and encroaching legally.

To strengthen national defense and militarization, CCP could take the necessary measures to control space, electromagnetic, cyberspace for national defense. Actually, it was military control.

Amendment to Criminal Law was CCP’s Transfer of Responsibility

The purpose of the legislation was to get rid of the blame, to find the scapegoat for the virus leaking from Wuhan Lab. The penalty for the scapegoat was more than 7 years in prison and an additional fine.

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