Lude Daily Briefing Morning Edition 2020.12.26 – NewYork Time

Published by: Lude Meida Editor: Lude Media Featured News Columnist

  1. UK FTSE Russell Index will remove China concept stocks from January 7

Starting from January 7th, ZTE International, Hikvision, CRRC and other Chinese private enterprises, central enterprises and state-owned enterprises, global China concept stocks will be kicked out by the British FTSE Index. The FTSE Russell Index is the indicator of global investment. Chinese companies use these indexes to allow global fund investment companies to actively or passively invest in Chinese concept stocks. Excluding these companies will mean that global investment funds will withdraw from these companies.

The actions of companies such as MSCI and FTSE Russell Index indicates truly awareness of the threat from the CCP, which also means that the action to destroy the communism is advancing in an all-round way.

  1. Will President Trump abolish the COVID-19 relief bill today (26th)?

The Democratic Party ignored the life and death of the US economy and promoted the COVID-19 relief bill for the American people and businesses which would make President Trump a scapegoat. President Trump understands that abolishing the COVID-19 relief bill is more of a political game, leaving President Trump with more traps and testing his ability to solve problems.

Whether to veto COVID relief bill is a trap set for President Trump by the Fake News and Swamp Monsters through adding insidious provisions in the bill while hijacking American public opinion to threaten him. Thus, Trump will go into a passive position. However, as we believed, President Trump will solve it wisely.

  1. Section 230 is another main battlefield in the US-China game

Trump tweeted once again to declare that the National Defense Security Act failed to terminate Section 230, which became a gift for China, Russia and major technology companies. Only by abolishing the CCP’s control over the right to speak on overseas online media and social platforms can the current passive state of President Trump in the media be reversed.

IV. Other news briefs

1. On Christmas Eve, Hong Kong compatriots wore Christmas costumes and carried the slogan ” Five demands, Not one less, Liberate Hong Kong, The revolution of our times ” to the top of the mountain to express their protest appeal.

2. Hong Kong gang leader Charles Heung and his wife plan to migrate from Hong Kong, and his son Jacky Heung was revealed to have a background in the Communist Youth League

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