Chad F. Wolf Remarks: CCP Is the Greatest Threat to the United States

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In a speech at a web conference hosted by the Heritage Foundation on December 21, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad F. Wolf claimed that the most long-term strategic threat to Americans, to the Homeland, and to the American way of life is from Beijing.

He said the CCP views the current free and open liberal economic and democratic world order as a political and ideological threat. It wants to reshape the world in its image: centrally-planned and authoritarian—a world in which the Chinese government can pick the winners and losers.

He enumerated the crimes of the Communist Party against the United States and he also said that the CCP had launched an attack on the United States. “They attacked the legitimacy of our political system, undermined our economic strength, and directly harmed and killed American citizens.”

Wolf has announced that Americans should pay attention to the threat that the CCP poses to the United States.” As China leverages every aspect of its society to attack our country, we too must mobilize a whole-of-society response. It is imperative that every American business, every media institution, every citizen, and every concerned party recognize and guard against this threat. With your help, America will not become the next victim in a new era of Chinese Communism. “

Wolf’s speech mentioned what Mr. Kwok had already shown us back in 2017; of course, it is all old news to those of us in the expose revolution. And today, three years later, the United States has finally woken up from its slumber and started countermeasures.

The actions mentioned in Wolf’s speech are: 1. To prohibit entry of Chinese students and researchers participating in China’s military-civilian integration strategy; 2. They are restricting CCP members and their immediate family members from going to the United States and the issue of B1/ for CCP members and their families. The validity period of the B2 visa has also been reduced from the previous 10 years to 1 month; 3. The review of Chinese manufacturers such as TCL and more.

The news that the revolution persisted in spreading the truth awakened the United States and succeeded in distinguishing the CCP from the Chinese people. Wolfe made a special statement about this at the beginning of his speech: “To be clear, when I describe the threat from China, I am speaking of the leaders in Beijing—not the Chinese people who suffer under the oppression and authoritarianism of their own government.”

With the in-depth development of the U.S. government’s countermeasures against China’s threats, the CCP will inevitably resist and intensify its efforts to undermine the security of the United States along with the world’s. The Chinese people, especially the ones overseas, should have a clear stand on whether they are speaking for the CCP and helping the evildoers. Are they aligning themselves with justice and peace and participating in the war against and annihilating the CCP?

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