President Trump calls for upholding the Constitution and will not tolerate election fraud

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On the evening of December 22, President Trump posted a nearly 14-minute video on social media in which he reiterated that the leftist forces had stolen his victory, emphasizing that the President’s solemn mission is to uphold the constitution, and that “we never tolerate election fraud.”

Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal lawyer, said on the radio show that his team had uncovered the largest voter fraud in history. He stressed: “This is the most corrupt election held so far in this country.” Giuliani urged key states and counties to allow his team to inspect polling machines last weekend. He said that if the inspection was allowed, they could prove that there was electoral fraud.

A month and a half have passed since the US presidential election, and fraud and chaos are frequent, and scandals such as vote counting machine fraud, fake votes, and dead ballots are endless, but the mainstream media are silent. There is conclusive evidence that the root cause of election fraud is that the American media, consortia, technology companies and core politicians are bought and manipulated by the Chinese Communist Party. In an interview with WABC radio, President Trump said that “we have no freedom of the press at all, and the news is suppressed”, calling the existing media corrupt news.

Americans have rallied to protest against election fraud and spontaneously organize demonstrations in support of President Trump. Justice and law-abiding are the core values of the United States. More and more Americans are awakening, rejecting electoral fraud and demanding procedural justice. They are fighting for national freedom and for true democracy for all.

It is not yet known whether electoral fraud can be solved legally. Only President Trump’s re-election can continue to maintain the traditional values of the United States and keep the world from being shrouded in darkness.

It is still unknown whether the law can solve electoral fraud. Only when President Trump is re-elected can he continue to maintain the traditional values of the United States and keep the world from darkness.

The significance of this U.S. election is far more than the selection of an executive president, but also the confrontation between good and evil forces on Earth. This is a battle of faith and ideas. It is a choice between the values of faith and the “atheistic” communist thought, not only beyond the partisan struggle or political differences, but also affects the direction of the future world.

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