President Trump refuses to sign new CCP virus relief bill

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On December 21, the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives passed a $900 billion large-scale CCP virus (Covid-19) relief bill. The bill was a staggering 5,893 pages long and had to be carted to members of Congress for their review during the vote. But the time given to legislators to review it was so short that almost no one read it carefully.

On December 22, the bill was handed over to President Trump for approval. Subsequently, President Trump tweeted a video arguing that the complex 5000 page bill actually raises a lot of money for foreign lobbying and special interests, while spending the minimum amount of money to the American people in need of assistance. Although called the “Coronavirus Relief Act”, there is little to do with epidemic relief. He asked Congress to amend the bill to significantly increase cash relief for Americans and remove “unnecessary provisions”. He also said that the bill is needed for the next administration, and he may also be the next President 

Several sources also revealed that the bill is a massive spill of money to foreign governments, illegal immigrants and program unrelated to economic relief, have limited relevance to the relief of the American people and it contains provisions that implicitly repeal President Trump’s authority on Martial law.

Reference link: refuses to sign the coronavirus relief package – what will happen/a-56043058 [Text Version] Lutheran Review

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