【Spotlight】Identification Required to Purchase Imported Cold Chain Food Products in China

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Image Source: Ningbo Municipality Press Conference

According to a new rule issued by Zhejiang, one of the richest provinces in China, consumers in Zhejing purchasing imported cold chain food products are subject to a “real-name registration system” that buyers are required to provide their IDs to food producers and operators, who will then are responsible for keeping the information of buyers and transaction on file for at least two years. This new policy was set to take effect on December 25, 2020.

Frozen food products cannot be sold without a proof of nucleic acid test and disinfection

On December 25, the Zhejiang Epidemic Prevention and Cold Chain Food and Logistic Control Task held a press conference and announced that 26 warehouses met the requirements of cold chain food control will be selected as centers to supervise the safety of imported cold chain food, reported by some local and nationwide Chinese media outlets, and the details of the new regulation have been published in some major cold chain food products consuming cities including Hangzhou and Ningbo within the province.

Based on the new policy, any imported cold chain food products without disinfection and nucleic acid test certificates upon arriving in Zhejiang must be delivered to those designated warehouse centers to conduct nucleic acid testing and preventive disinfecting. Imported cold chain seafood products with an Inspection and Quarantine for Entry Goods certificate are not required to undergo a new nucleic acid test, but the goods will still need to be delivered to the designated warehouses for preventive disinfection.

As for the existing stock of cold chain goods inside the province,  unless a certificate of nucleic acid test and disinfection recognized and issued by the local regulatory authority can be obtained, they must be transported to one of those designated warehouse centers before December 31, and a nucleic acid test and preventive disinfection will be taken before the goods are allowed to be sold.

The next step planned by the Zhejiang government is to carry out a monthly “Four Must-Nots” movement across the entire province, targeting importers, wholesalers, supermarkets,  restaurants and storages dealing in imported cold chain food products, to screen out and ban  the sales of the products that do not have any of these following four documents: Inspection and Quarantine for Entry Goods certificate, nucleic acid test report, disinfection report, and the Zhejing Food Traceability QR Code. 

What is hidden behind this new rule?

From my point of view, the Chinese local government acting tough on both demand and supply of the imported cold chain food products really reveals a hidden fact that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime is encountering a severe shortage of foreign currency reserves(FCR), which has forced the CCP central and local governments to retrain imports by all means. 

In order to achieve their goal of cutting down the FCR spend, the CCP imposes so called “real-name registration system” on ordinary consumers to discourage the demand, in the meantime, to be able to  restrain the supply, the CCP uses pandemic as a reasonable excuse to ask for dealers to obtain relevant certificates, which are obviously time-consuming and potential costly.

The CCP is well-known when it comes to influencing the market for their political objectives. It won’t be a surprise when the new pandemic-related policy becomes a common tactic and extends to other economic areas for the CCP to manipulate the nation’s economy. It is also expected that other provinces in China will most likely join Zhejiang in the coming days.

It is worth reminding that the CCP regime has been accusing some foreign countries of exporting COVID-19 from frozen food to China, which might have caused the breakout of the pandemic in the country, even though it sounds ridiculous. We must stay alert whether or not this new policy hints at another wave of COVID-19 worldwide considering the CCP regime created the first wave. With the increasing pressure from the world on the regime, the CCP might be doing something desperate as a last resort. 

Regardless, as long as the CCP regime is still alive, one thing is absolutely certain that the CCP leaders will never be affected by the weaponized virus they created and released to kill the world, and they will never need to worry about missing imported food on their dining tables. Only the CCP-brainwashed Chinese and people from other countries will continue suffering from the pandemic. We have no other options to get out of this situation but taking down the CCP, which is the only way to get our long missing normal lives back. 


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