Highlights of Lude Media (Night)-Dec 26, 2020

Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Jojo

• Mr. Lu De and guests discuss a video Mr. Miles Guo gettered today.

o Retired senior leaders of the Chinese Communist Party Jia Qinglin and Wen Jiabao, Xi Jinping’s most trusted people, have sent him a letter of advice. Wen is the one who helped Xi take out Bo Xilai.

o These two are the only ones in China who have the guts to speak the truth to Xi.

o Since day one, these two old leaders have been following the Whistleblower Movement’s GTV programs and realized that the international situation is extremely unfavorable for the CCP. In the letter, they listed all the risks and challenges that the CCP is currently facing.

o After reading the letter, Xi presided over the “democratic life meeting” and urged that Politburo members must increase political capabilities and understand “Xi Jinping Thought” in depth. Xi believes the solution to the current challenges is increasing the centralization of power in China.

o The only way to fix and save China is to take down the CCP.

• CCP top legislative body adopted new revisions to the National Defense Law.

o The new national defense bill formally incorporates “Xi Jinping’s Thought”.

o The new bill emphasizes to strengthen the promotion and implementation of Military-Civil Fusion plans to achieve militarization in China and make the militarized daily life of the Chinese the norm.

o In wartime, the CCP has the right to confiscate people’s assets for war preparations.

• CCP today released the Criminal Law Amendments.

o Dr. Hu explained several new articles related to the CCP virus and outbreak, arguing that CCP is ready to look for people or institutions to serve as scapegoats for manufacturing and spreading the CCP virus.

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