Xi Jinping Criticized Former Leaders for Not Understanding Xi Thoughts, CCP Revised Defense Law to Kidnap Chinese People

(December 27, 2020. LuDe Media, Morning News, Asia Time, LuBoAiGuanHu Talk)

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Abstract: As the major crisis is approaching, two former standing committee members wrote a letter to advise Xi Jinping to “stop the horse on the edge of the cliff “, Xi Jinping instead criticized them for not understanding Xi thoughts. With social collapse looming, the CCP has revised the National Defense Law to kidnap 1.4 billion Chinese people and wants to take the initiative against the world. Feeling the worldwide pressure to pursue someone to hold the accountability for the CCP virus, the CCP hurried to modify its Criminal Law to prepare backstabbers for the virus. President Trump named Senate Majority Leader McConnell for his inaction. Liu Chengjie’s adoptive father went to the NPC to manage foreign affairs.

  1. Wen Jiabao and Jia Qinglin Wrote a Letter to Exert Pressure, While Xi Jinping Replied Weirdly

The questions in the letter from the two former Standing Committee members are quite acute: Will the people be in chaos when there is no water, electricity and gas? How to maintain social stability and will foreign powers intervene? Who moved Tarzan over the head of the CCP? How to solve the great financial turmoil? How many party members will stand by the CCP when there are no salaries to receive and no savings to retrieve? Active or passive disconnection to the Internet? How to deal with subsequent great collapse, great explosion and great turmoil? How to give the world a recognizable saying about the source of the virus?

Xi Jinping responded by holding a democratic life meeting: You must enhance political awareness, improve political judgment, comprehension and implementation. The meaning is that the situation today is fine, my route is fine, and my strategy is fine. You are now raising a bunch of problems because your political judgment is not high enough, and your political comprehension is not high enough, so you can’t understand the essence of my Xi thoughts: To solve all crises by taking the initiative.

  • New Defense Law of Communist China will Kidnap Whole Population Against World

Proposing “active defense” and wanting to take the initiative against the world. Controlling of all social resources on the grounds that civil-military fusion and national defense are priorities. Declaring a state of war at any time when the economy collapses or when there is a food shortage, and exercising military control over all social resources, especially over the space network, satellite television and radio. Legitimizing and dailyizing of universal war preparedness through legislation, and kidnapping 1.4 billion people to protect the Zhongnanhai families.

  • New Criminal Law of Communist China Prepared Backstabbers for Virus

In preparation for the next step in searching the backstabbers for the so-called “virus leaking” at the Wuhan P4 lab, the CCP has specifically modified its Criminal Law. Under the new rules, selling or transporting contaminants that are or may be infected with pathogens in infected areas will be subject to criminal prosecution.

  • German Mark Devalued 1 Billion Times after Real Estate Bubble Burst, What about RMB?

One hundred years ago, the seemingly prosperous Weimar Republic (Germany), which had been supported by Wall Street investments and had been blown up by the real estate bubble, its economy collapsed and the real estate bubble burst when Wall Street withdrew its funds. The exchange rate of the German mark fell from 4 marks per dollar to 4.2 billion marks per dollar. 100 years later, the Communist China, also propped up by Wall Street and the real estate bubble, is now facing the same situation of having its money withdrawn by Wall Street. What next for the fate of RMB will be?

  • President Trump Named McConnell for Inaction

Trump tweeted, “If a Democrat Presidential Candidate had an Election Rigged & Stolen, with proof of such acts at a level never seen before, the Democrat Senators would consider it an act of war, and fight to the death. Mitch & the Republicans do NOTHING, just want to let it pass. NO FIGHT!”

  • New U.S. Artillery, as Accurate as Missiles, will Take Control of Future Ground Warfare

Recently, this Excalibur-guided artillery shell, fired with the Paladin Integrated Management Self-propelled Howitzer System, used a GPS system and inertial navigation system guidance to make a direct and precise hit on a target 70 kilometers away. The U.S. Army’s inexpensive artillery has become as accurate as missiles and will revolutionize the future pattern of ground warfare. The artillery launch system has been deployed in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

  • Liu Chengjie’s Adoptive Father Went to NPC to Manage Foreign Affairs

According to an official notice from the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) of the Communist China on Dec. 26, Liu Cigui was appointed as deputy chairman of the NPC Foreign Affairs Committee.

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