CCP virus “anniversary”, mutated virus begins pandemic

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On December 26, 2019, Hubei Provincial Hospital of Integrated Chinese & Western Medicine received 2 patients with fever and cough, the first confirmed CCP virus case officially acknowledged by the Chinese Communist Party. Exactly one year has passed since then, and 79.9 million people have been infected and 1.75 million have died worldwide.

One year later, the virus had begun to mutate, with cases of mutated CCP virus infections reported in Europe in the United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany. Rapidly spreading cases of the variant have also been identified in Australia and Singapore. Lebanon, Ireland and Japan have announced confirmed cases of infection with the mutated CCP virus in their respective countries.

On the 26th, France also confirmed the first case of variant CCP virus. The mutated virus may have spread in most European countries. Scientists believe that young people may be more susceptible to infection and that the mutated CCP virus is more resistant to the vaccine.

And now the CCP virus is also starting to spread in Beijing, where the Shunyi District has declared a state of war control at the 192nd press conference on the prevention and control of the epidemic held in Beijing.

In the conference Shunyi District Government announced the implementation of closed management of building A1 in Yibin South District, Shengli Street, all 70 households and more than 200 people in this building will be observed at home.

Closed management of Dingquan Convenience Store, North Freight Road, Shunyi District, and Gaoliying Town, Zhangxizhuang Village, Shunyi District, where there are confirmed cases. Among them, Zhang Xizhuang Village is only allowed in and not allowed out.

Another patient confirmed in Shunyi, the workplace is located in the Chaoyang District Lixingxingxing Center, Chaoyang District first launched an emergency response, the Lixingxing Center to implement closed management, nucleic acid sampling of the building personnel, has collected 2975 people, all negative. After environmental sampling of the office area and common areas of the building where the case was reported, the virus was detected on a laptop computer used by the patient.

Also according to the news coming from the net:
Dec. 23: Lianzhu Garden, Shunyi District, Beijing
Dec. 24: Overnight Full Nucleic Acid Testing in Xishiku Community and Shun Tian Fu, Xicheng District, Beijing
Dec. 24: Beijing Sanyuanqiao Jia Cheng Plaza, Blocks A & B (BMW Office Building)
Dec. 25: Wangjing Office Building
These office buildings have been closed.

The employees of a company in Beijing Sanyuanqiao Jia Cheng Plaza are known to be confirmed cases, and the entire Plaza A and B have been closed and all people are not allowed to travel. The plaza has been arranging nucleic acid testing for people in the office building since the afternoon of Dec. 24, saying they had to wait for the results before allowing people in the plaza to leave.

Beijing has now issued an order not to leave the capital unless necessary; not to leave the country unless necessary; not to gather unless necessary, how can we distinguish between necessary and non-necessary? If the individual feels necessary but the Chinese Communist Party feels unnecessary, who will be listened to? If all of Beijing goes into a state of war, is it another replica of Wuhan?

So please prepare some more supplies for the emergency for those who are in Beijing.

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