[3Rights’ Column] Ten Powers Unified in One Party (1) Totalitarian Ruling of the Chinese Communist Party — Power of the Party

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 As it’s known to all, Western democracies implement a political system of separation of administrative, legislative, and judicial powers. However, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has not only seized hold of the power of administrative, legislative, judicial, but also of the military, property, elections, supervision, ideology, media, and organizations. Ten Powers Under One Party, which is the most totalitarian rule in ancient and modern times, in China and around the world. This series of articles will analyze the CCP from these aspects, so that readers have a systematic understanding of the CCP’s totalitarian rule

Power of Party

The CCP started with three cornerstones: armed sabotages, mass movements, and party building. Among them, party building means how the CCP develops and controls itself, that is, power of the party. Theoretically, the power of party is the supreme power.

CCP is actually a gangster organization, judging by its charter. It requires a party member to pledge to the party flag and swear “to fight for communism for life, always ready to sacrifice everything for the party and the people, and never betray the party”. 

Those who apply for party membership requires two official party members as inductors (actually as guarantors). It also stipulates that “the interests of the party and the people are above all else, and personal interests are subordinate to the interests of the party and the people”, and “the individual is subordinate to the party’s mission.”

The CCP charter is also amended with main ideas of every party leader, titled with their names. These are all characteristics of a gangster organization: inductor (guarantor) system, vowed to sacrifice everything for the organization, including life, no betrayal, absolute obedience, allegiance to the supreme leader, etc.

We can learn CCP’s gangster nature from its punishment for defectors. In 1931, Gu Shunzhang, a member of the Political Bureau of CCP and the head of the secret intelligence service, rebelled. Zhou Enlai, the top leader of the CCP, led its secret service to strangle and bury 47 people of Gu’s family, relatives and friends, including maids, drivers, and occasional visitors. Even Si Li, who once saved Zhou’s life, was murdered because he witnessed Zhou’s atrocities! Such behavior is much more cruel than what most gangster organizations can do! That’s how CCP forces its members to be loyal.

CCP has more than 90 million party members so far, and its subordinate organizations spread across every corner, and every inch in China. According to its regulation, every three members can form a party branch, with a secretary, a party committee, etc. The CCP has established the party organization in legislative and judicial institutions at all levels. 

In administrations, the party organization of the CCP is present from the central government, to provinces, cities, counties, town, and villages. Every village has established a branch. In cities, party organizations have been established in every district, community, and even the committees of residents.

In the army, the CCP has built its party branch in a company-level military unit to control the army since the “Sanwan Reorganization”in 1927. The so-called “branch is built on the company to achieve “party command the guns.”

Party organizations have been set up in factories and enterprises. In large factories, each workshop and even each team has a party branch. After its so-called reform and opening up policy, even private enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, and publicly listed companies must set up party organizations. And the management department from government will set it up for small business together.

In schools, each class for university has a party branch; for middle schools has a Communist Youth League branch; for elementary schools has a Youth Pioneer Organization in each class. The Communist Youth League and the Youth Pioneer Organization are subordinate organizations of the CCP. It means the Chinese people have been under the influence and control of the CCP since elementary school.

It has also established its party organizations in every social groups. The labor union and women’s federations themselves are already CCP’s subordinate organizations. Additionally, so are the so-called democratic parties, Federation of Industry and Commerce, Red Cross, charity organizations, academic institutions, media, NGOs, etc. All have CCP’s organizations embedded in them. The most ridiculous, the CCP has set up party organizations in religious groups, temples, churches, mosques, etc. 

Some organizations, such as alumni or hometown associations, have set up temporary party branches. Recently, it’s reported the CCP has developed its organizations among overseas Chinese, including students. The CCP is pervasive, and always infiltrating every cell of China. All land under this heaven is the property of the party! It controls everything in China.

As large as the CCP is, the real power are in the hands of a few family oligarchs. Every time when the leadership changes, it is accompanied by a battle between families and factions, which is a typical characteristic of gangster organizations. 

In the early days of the party’s establishment, there were many different inside factions. After escaping to Yan’an, Mao Zedong and Liu Shaoqi jointly attacked Wang Ming’s “Communist International Faction”, Zhou Enlai’s “Empirical Faction” and other factions. Wang Ming and Zhang Guotao were forced to leave, however, Zhou surrendered to Mao to be spared. 

In 1945, Mao secured his position as the leader, forming a co-governance status of Mao as the core, Liu and Zhou as the auxiliary. Liu was appointed as the successor by Mao.

After the CCP usurped power, leaks emerged between Mao and Liu. Supported by Marshal Lin Biao and Zhou who controlled the army, Mao launched the “Cultural Revolution” to purge the Liu faction. Liu was persecuted to death and Lin was appointed as a new successor. 

Afterwards, Mao wished to pass its position to his wife Jiang Qing and his nephew Mao Yuanxin. With Zhou’s help, Lin was forced to flee and was murdered. The Lin faction was purged. Before Mao’s death, he killed Zhou by delaying treatment and murdered Marshal Zhu De, to ensure Jiang Qing and Mao Yuanxin take over the power smoothly.

After Mao’s death, Hua Guofeng arrested his widow Jiang Qing, nephew Mao Yuanxin and their faction members with the help of the army. When Deng Xiaoping returned, he quickly took control of the army and forced Hua Guofeng to retreat, grasping the actual power of the CCP.

In Deng’s later years, forming a co-governance status of Deng faction as the core, Chen Yun, Li Xiannian and other Eight Elders as the auxiliary. During this period, the two of the party leaders: Hu Yaobang and Zhao Ziyang, were abolished by abnormal means, which finally caused the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Having taken control of actual power, Jiang Zemin suppressed the Elders’ faction led by Deng Xiaoping, forming a co-governance status of Jiang as the core, Zeng Qinghong, Li Peng (the adopted son of Zhou Enlai) and Zhu Rongji as the auxiliary.

Later, Hu Jintao once supported his Youth League faction, but it has never formed the core.

In 2012, Xi Jinping took over the power. He joined with Wang Qishan to eliminate dissidents under the banner of anti-corruption. Many former elders such as Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai and their faction members were arrested or assassinated. Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin factions were suppressed with their properties embezzled.

The latest situation of CCP is the Xi Jinping and the Wang Qishan family as the core, the remnants of Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, Zhu Rongji, Deng Xiaoping, Chen Yun and other factions as the auxiliary, no more than 20 of them. The entire history of the CCP is a history of a gang.

The Politburo, the highest leadership bureau of the CCP, is equivalent to a company’s board of directors. It follows a standing committee, which is equivalent to a company’s standing board. The general secretary is equivalent to the company’s chairman and CEO. The families or factions that control the CCP are equivalent to the shareholders, whose power is equivalent to the proportion of shares. 

The Politburo members usually have 20 and plus members, and the Politburo Standing Committee members are usually 7 people. How these people are chosen is privately negotiated and allocated by the families and factions that control the CCP, which is equivalent to appointing directors, executive directors and major positions according to the equity size. The most influential person becomes the general secretary. That is how the CCP’s major families share the power, which is the same as a gang.

To conceal their gangster nature, the CCP even conducts formal elections, displaying its modern party image as international standards and fooling the whole world. In fact, the election is simply an act, its plot has been secretly written by several core families. To strictly ensure the act is carried out in accordance with the plot, the CCP has a unique election method.

Usually, CCP elects a new leadership bureau at the National Congress of Party Members every five years. Half a year ahead the next party congress, the current Politburo will appoint a Preparatory Committee to select party representatives. According to its regulations, party representatives are elected by party members, but in reality, are designated by the Preparatory Committee or its affiliated institutions to ensure they are approved by the current Politburo.

During a party representative’s election, an organization called the “presidium” has been established first. This organization is generally composed of the current Politburo members and all the surviving former Politburo members. In fact, all factions participate.

The presidium meeting proposes a list of personnel arrangements that have been discussed in advance by various families and factions, including members of the Central Committee, Politburo members, Politburo Standing Committee members, general secretary, military committee chairman, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee and other important positions, even prime minister, head legislature, heads of judicial institutions, etc., which are responsible non-party positions. This list is implied in the sequence of the names, and finally submitted to the party representative’s election.

In terms of election process, except for the election of the Central Committee members by anonymous ballot, all other elections are by show of hands. Who would dare to disagree without raising his hand in full view? Therefore, it is guaranteed to complete the transfer of power and divide the spoils according to the intentions of the bigwigs.

For disobedient party members or party members who need to be purged, the CCP has an internal regulation that overlooks the law: Double Designation. It means explain the fault at the assigned timeline and place. The bureau of enforcement this internal regulation is established by the party committees at all levels. It’s called The Disciplinary Inspection Commission, which actually conducts an illegal detention.

The Double Designation has the following characteristics. 1. No judicial procedures are required, as long as the party leader agrees; 2. No conclusive evidence is required, and a report letter can start one; 3. No limit on time, eternal; 4. No legal place or monitoring Records and physical examination records; 5. No notification to family members or defense counsel.

        Due to characteristics above, the Disciplinary Inspection Commission of CCP can carry out arbitrary and inhumane torture to extract confessions against party members who are subject to Double Designation. The most common method is continuous inability to sleep. 

Officials of Disciplinary Inspection Commission were divided into three groups to interrogate in turn. For several consecutive days, the defendants of the Double Designation were not allowed to sleep, and their faces were illuminated with high-powered lights. The longest record was as long as seven days and nights, the physiological limit. Few people can survive more than three days. 

Other methods include no water to drink, standing in a fixed position or squatting, hanging them on a high place with handcuffs so they can only touch the ground on their toes, etc.

There are no monitors or physical records of what happened to a person during Double Designation, thus, any torture you think of can be implemented. Some are beyond human imagination and are heinous. Individuals who are strong-willed or withdraw their confessions can be under Double Designation for several months, as the it has no time limit, the above procedures can be repeated over and over again.

It is better to die than to be subject to Double Designation, thus, confessing to Disciplinary Inspection Commission is the only way out. That is how the CCP illegally collects evidence. Then transfer the evidence to the judiciary, where other legal procedures take place, and everything becomes compliant with the Chinese Communist law.

CCP members, especially officials, are afraid of Double Designation the most. Many party members were paralyzed and incontinent on the spot when the it was announced. Some officials knew in advance that they would be subject to it and decided to commit suicide because they could not stand the fear and the coming humiliation and torture. This is absolutely a “gang regulation”, a “lynching” practice of a gang.

The CCP is absolutely the largest gangster organization throughout history, in China and around the world. Unfortunately, it has stolen all of China’s state resources and power, enslaving 1.4 billion Chinese people. 

This series of articles will discuss every aspect one by one.

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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