Vaccines will cause a bigger disaster!

— Dr. Yan Limeng’s latest warning about the new coronavirus ADE is likely to come from a laboratory elaboration

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Mr. Guo Wengui has repeatedly warned that a vaccine for the CCP (The Chinese Communist Party) virus would lead to a greater disaster. Dr. Yan Limeng has also warned early on that Antibody-dependent Enhancement (ADE) has appeared in SARS research and is therefore highly likely to occur in the Coronavirus outbreak as well. ADE is commonly referred to as “bad” antibodies that are generated after vaccination or natural immunization. Instead of providing protection, they lead the virus into human cells and expose ourself to danger, resulting in severe viral infections in vaccinated and secondarily infected people, which can even lead to death.

On December 21, Dr. Yan Limeng’s Parler cited a study of the coronavirus ADE published by Osaka University in Japan on December 18. Dr. Yan writes, “Antibody-dependent Enhancement (ADE), is one of the critical reasons to generate potential risks after COVID19 vaccination or herd immunity. What information from recent study in JP? Whether ADE is designed purposely into COVID19 virus? I will show more soon.”

The following day, Dr. Yan continued to unveil more information: ” Here I list 5 core Amino Acid (Red Letters in Pic 1) in SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, which induce “infectivity-enhancing antibodies”-ADE effect, according to paper from JP scientists. AGAIN, these features are more closed to SARS than ZC45/ZXC21 (backbone of SARS2).

Are these ADE sites derived from natural evolution? Or inserted based on CCP’s knowledge gained on SARS?”

Next, Dr. Yan added: ” ADE (Antibody-dependent Enhancement) is side effects induced by antibodies after infection or vaccination. It exists in certain viruses, like Dengue virus, SARS, MERS. Once ADE exists, it’s important to figure out which antibodies are “protective”, and which ones are “harmful”. 

Early on September 14, Dr. Yan published the first shocking report on the Coronavirus. The report provides substantial and informative evidence that the Coronavirus is sophisticated laboratory modification rather than natural evolution, which has been carefully modified in the laboratory by using the backbone Zhoushan bat virus ZC45 and ZXC21 found in the CCP military laboratory. The CCP used knowledge of the principles of pathogenicity and virulence of the SARS virus and other viruses such as AIV and Ebola virus to modify the Zhoushan bat virus. For example, the modification of the stinging proteins, primarily the receptor-binding domain (RBM), allowed the virus to infect humans. Simultaneously, the Furin enzyme cleavage site, which is never found in nature in B-series beta genus coronaviruses, enhanced the viral weapon’s virulence and pathogenicity.

Through the latest research on the ADE of the Coronavirus by Japanese scholars, Dr. Yan presents further evidence that the CCP probably used the existing knowledge about the ADE of the SARS virus and deliberately inserted the ADE-inducing gene sequence during the virus production process. From this, it seems almost predictable that ADE is bound to occur. Otherwise, why would the CCP take so much trouble to make these modifications? Therefore, it can be inferred that without reliable experimental and clinical studies sufficient to rule out the occurrence of ADE completely, all vaccines for COVID19 otherwise carry a considerable risk of inducing ADE, leading to severe infection.

Today, Dr. Yan’s latest tweet quoted the Global Times editorial: “it will be very difficult to overcome COVID19 if don’t use vaccines from the CCP .” Dr. Yan then commented, “Doesn’t it sound like “you won’t live well if you don’t love me”?” The Global Times editorial proves once again from the opposite side that the core and key to defeating the Coronavirus is never a vaccine or a drug, but instead the Chinese Communist Party itself. The CCP’s laboratory has mastered the details in the Coronavirus manufacture, including the Furin enzyme cleavage site mentioned in Dr. Yan’s first report.

The recombinant receptor-binding domain (RBD) and the deliberate insertion of the ADE-inducing gene sequence proposed by Dr. Yan this time hide the possible ways and means to defeat the coronavirus pandemic. The details of the increased virulence of the virus that have been discovered so far have sent chills down the spine, and there will most likely be more chilling discoveries in the future. It is challenging to learn these technical details without addressing the CCP and thus to find a way to defeat the pandemic once and for all. More importantly, as Dr. Yan repeatedly stressed, virus research is always a large number of virus strains together in the experiment. The CCP must have more coronavirus strains in their hands. Not only that, the CCP had launched a national search and research of various disease-causing microorganisms for many years. The CCP laboratory to keep a variety of dangerous pathogens strains are endless, plus the theft of virus samples from Canada and other countries. Mr. Guo had also broken the news that more laboratories are under construction.

Dr. Yan warned early on that “The time left for the world is running out!” The epidemic is raging, and no one can stay out of it. We can only do what we can to spread the truth about the pandemic, especially the most crucial fact about the pandemic: that the only way to overcome the outbreak is to destroy the CCP, and there is no other way.

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