Nashville Explosion Investigation: The Explosion May be Related to the Election Fraud

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The Nashville bombing case continues to ferment, and various signs indicate that this is not an ordinary bombing case.

The bombing occurred early on Christmas morning in front of 166 N 2 Avenue in downtown Nashville, where the AT&T computer room was located in Nashville.

According to sources, not long ago, AT&T was awarded a contract to conduct a forensic audit of the Dominion voting machine. These machines are being handed over to the Nashville computer room and will be audited by supercomputers.

Do you remember that former prosecutor Sidney Powell once said that “Kraken” was to be released. This big monster refers to a supercomputer. The Tennessee supercomputer has been connected to the AT&T intranet in NASHVILLE, but the explosion caused Internet interruption and destroyed the Cumberland River cooling system, thus paralyzing the supercomputer.

Another point to note is that one of AT&T’s board of directors is William Kennard (William Kennard), who is also a member of the board of directors of Cerberus Capital Management, and Cerberus Capital Management is jointly managed by Stample Street Execs and William Kennard. Therefore, the voting rights of Dominion belong to Cerberus Capital Management. William Kennard was also the FCC chairman of Bill Clinton and Obama’s ambassador to the European Union.

According to eyewitnesses, in the early Christmas morning, a few gunshots were heard first, and then a recording came from an RV parked on the side of the road, warning passers-by that there was a bomb in the car and quickly evacuated. From the scene of the explosion, in addition to the damage caused by the blast wave in the surrounding neighborhoods, a hole was blown out of a building on the side of the street. After the explosion, the reaction of the head of the FBI at the press conference and the understatement of the mayor of Nashville were very confusing.

Obviously, the time and location chosen for the bombing, and the warning recordings before the bombing all show that this was not a terrorist attack against civilians, but a special purpose bombing mission performed by certain interest groups. We believe this may be related to the current election fraud case.

We will continue to track reports, so stay tuned.

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