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Pompeo’s Trade-off: May Characterize the CCP’s Suppression of Uyghurs as Genocide

The US Foreign Policy magazine reported that,according to several related officials and informed sources, US Secretary of State Pompeo has ordered a review to determine whether the CCP’s suppression of Uyghurs in Xinjiang constitutes genocide. This raises expectations that Pompeo may formally accuse China of committing genocide before leaving office next month.

If Pompeo characterizes the CCP as a crime of genocide, all countries that have signed the UN Human Rights Charter must have a clear relationship with the CCP. At present, the focus of qualitative issues lies in the qualitative analysis of certain officials in Xinjiang? Or to characterize the Chinese government? Or define the entire CCP? It is still open for discussion.

Background of Foreign Policy

Both Foreign Policy and Foreign Affairs are America’s premier diplomatic journals. The Foreign Policy reported on the characterization of genocide itself would be a major symbol and diplomatic message.

US congressmen and human rights organizations have been putting pressure on the US administration over the Xinjiang issue for many years. In October this year, a number of bipartisan members of the US Congress urged the US administration to consider providing asylum for Uighurs in Xinjiang. At the same time, a group of cross-party lawmakers also introduced a resolution calling for China’s violation of the human rights of the Uyghur Muslim minority as genocide. This review by the US State Department may prompt the executive authorities to make a final decision.

The Events Have been Declared by International Organizations as Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity in Modern Times

Jews Genocide, Greek Genocide, Armenian Genocide, Assyrian Genocide, Rwanda Genocide, Srebrenica Genocide. Other controversial events of crimes against humanity include Nanjing Massacre, Khmer Rouge Massacre, Xinjiang Massacre, etc. Last month, Miles Yu, Pompeo’s chief China policy and planning adviser, said that the people will soon see where the U.S. government stands on the issue of genocide characterization in an exclusive interview with VOA.

Xi Jinping Described 2020 as the Year of Bearing the Weight of Taishan Mountain

The CCP recently held a “Democratic Life Meeting”, with only the officials above the Political Bureau level allowed to attend. Xi described the domestic situation in 2020 as bearing the weight of Taishan Mountain. The challenges encountered are rare, from the epidemic to the southern floods, but he considers the most urgent one is the pressure and full-scale encirclement to the CCP from the US. Xi Jinping is fully aware that the party will be over within 72 hours, if his unrestricted warfare of CCPVirus and manipulation of the Election is lost

Trump is on the Cusp of Victory, He Ordered White House Staff to Stop Packing

At the end of the year, President Trump told White House staff to stop packing. Mayor Giuliani said in a new podcast that the storm is here. From Christmas onwards, everything will come to light and it will shock the whole country. More Republican delegates said they will argue on the electoral college ballot. The Pentagon has stopped giving Biden intelligence briefings.

Blast in Nashville, Tennessee, A Possible Demonstration in Minor Scope Initiated by Dark Forces in US

 An RV full of explosives exploded around 6 o’clock a.m. local time Christmas morning, where the data center of AT&T is located. Some insiders revealed that this is a terror attack against American telecommunication systems. Obviously, the motive of this explosion is not killing lives but a minor scope attack intended by the dark forces concealed in the US

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