Lude Daily Briefing Morning Edition 2020.12.25 – NewYork Time

Published by: Lude Meida Editor: Lude Media Featured News Columnist

Alibaba shrank nearly 100 billion U.S. dollars a day for restructuring

Jack Ma is putting shackles on himself in cooperation with the CCP to complete their skin game, aiming to escape the US sanctions on Chinese stocks in the future. It is very likely to strip off bad debts, filter good assets, break them into pieces, and list the best ones. In the end, unidentified retail investors lose money. In addition, the workload of anti-monopoly investigations on Internet companies is huge. The CCP is just going through the scene, using an investigation order in exchange for Alibaba’s amulet for facing US censorship. If Alibaba successfully evades censorship this time, other CCP companies in the future can just follow the script.

The CCP’s rehabilitating of the Down to the Countryside Movement During the Cultural Revolution is up to its old tricks.

The Chinese Communist Party began to manufacture public opinion to vigorously promote the culture of sent-down youth(or educated youth) and affirm “the great achievements” of the Down to the Countryside Movement. However, there are in fact many cases of sent-down youth being abused and violated. Sending a large number of fresh students to the rural areas is tantamount to Burning of books and burying of scholars (in Qin Dynasty), brainwashing students and controlling countless families. The CCP’s advocacy of the Down to the Countryside Movement shows that it is likely to be ready to sever the ideological foundation of China’s demand for progressive democracy in the next 50 years.

The CCP began to advocate the CCP-dominated economy

In order to adapt to the difficult international situation in the next stage, the CCP decided to strengthen the party’s leadership over the economy and strengthen political awareness. It shows that Xi Jinping wants to take control of the economy from Wang Qishan’s hands and strengthen his influence on it. In the future, the focus of the domestic economy will be on politics, with it as the first priority and objective laws secondary. Political stance is decisive. It doesn’t matter whether the economic development is good or not. To take the right side in political conflicts is relevant, and the life and death of the people is irrelevant. Old dramas such as planned economy and public-private partnerships are looming.

CCP’s Law against food waste is coming!

CCP promoted the legislation against food waste so urgently because it’s facing a worsening external situation and expected to suffer internal and external crises. As it’s matter of time that no country will export foods to China, it’s very urgent for CCP to call for saving food. However, (it’s nearly impossible because) the standard for food waste and fines is undefined (in the draft), as well as others.

CCP will suppress Chinese people in the name of controlling epidemic

It may well be that money buys no food in China under food crisis. If Chinese people protest for food, CCP will lock down the communities or villages on the excuse of CCPVirus outbreak. Then Chinese protestors will be reasonably suppressed, getting neither sympathy nor help.

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