Lude Daily Briefing Morning Edition 2020.12.24 – NewYork Time

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The election is still fraught

The House and Senate worked together to prevent President Trump from using the Riot Act. President Trump said he does not prepare to impose military control. But the situation is rapidly changing. Some time ago, the Supreme Court rejected the lawsuit brought by 22 states including Texas, but the case is not over, the decision must be made by 6th, January.

President Trump is targeting the CCP

President Trump retweeted a video of the CCP invading the United States. The video itself is specially produced with pertinence, not a live clip or video. The condemnation of the CCP in the video is straightforward. Dr. Yan Limeng was on the Warroom show yesterday, means the claim responsibility for the CCP virus is heating up.

The special counsel might not be Sidney Powell.

President Trump tweets that “This was the most corrupt election in the history of our Country, and it must be closely examined!” President Trump did not deny that he would appoint a special counsel, but it might be somebody else rather than Sidney Powell who, we said before, would be appointed.

CCP launches anti-monopoly probe into Alibaba Group.

When Americans see that Alibaba is investigated by the CCP, they may get a wrong impression that CCP has anti-monopoly law and CCP abides by anti-monopoly law, and consequently that Alibaba is not a company controlled by the CCP. However, it is a trick by the CCP to compromise the credibility of our Whistle-Blower-Movement. As was reported by Lude Media, Chinese companies have to prove they are not controlled by the CCP, or they will be removed from US stock market.  Alibaba’s being investigated by the CCP is just a trick to induce the US to believe Alibaba has nothing to do with the CCP.

Quote From Dr. Tang:

President Trump and his team are top-grade go players while  we are starters, so it is not surprising that we can not see through their play. Just take it easy.

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