FTSE Russell’s Exclusion of Chinese Stocks Leads to CCP Bleeding, Trump’s Veto of Relief Act Hurts the Left

(December 26, 2020. LuDe Media, Morning News, LuAnTang Talk)

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Abstract: FTSE Russell will exclude SMIC and Hikvision, the Chinese stocks sanctioned by the United States, from January 7 next year, and a large number of companies are in the queue behind them. President Trump will veto the New Coronavirus Relief Act, firmly countering the insidious attack launched by the Democratic Party in the name of relief. Senator Graham tweeted to support Trump. Google search admits that the president of the United States in 2021 is Trump.

1. FTSE Russell Index to Exclude Chinese Stocks from Jan. 7, 2021

The world’s second largest index will kick out the first batch of companies such as SMIC and Hikvision, and there will be a series of Chinese stocks sanctioned by the United States to be kicked out. The removal of these companies means that there will be no more funds to invest in these companies, either actively or passively, through the FTSE Russell Index or stock index futures.  The Chinese Communist Party’s pipeline of funds from the West is being tightened step by step.

2. The House’s New Coronavirus Relief Act Is a Weapon to Attack Trump

If the House proposed a separate Act of relief for the people, Trump would have signed it immediately, but the 6,000-page relief Act proposed by the Democrats is a needle-concealed attack on President Trump in three ways.

1. in the name of the Relief Act, entrapping private goods, pulling up the deficit, laying hidden dangers for the economy in the later stages and attributing the blame to Trump.

2. The subsidy provisions are laced with $200 billion of foreign aid and leftist projects, including a wide range of unspecified items, which are going to leftist-controlled institutions and organizations. These forces are attempting to obtain large amounts of money through legitimate channels to implement their evil plans to counterattack President Trump and subvert America.

3. Intending to repeal President Trump’s power to deploy the Anti-Riot Act. Then the left can use the media and money in their hands to do whatever they want.

The left media has issued a threat to President Trump that some 14 million people will lose their unemployment subsidies and some government departments will face closure next Tuesday if Trump does not sign on Dec. 26.

3. Three Reasons for President Trump to Definitely Veto the Relief Act

1. The voters who lack the $2,000 living expenses are not the voter base that supports Trump, and the rejection of the Act will impact very little on President Trump’s public opinion.

2. Vetoing the Act will dismantle the opposing camp and defeat their conspiracy. The interest groups or people who cannot get funding through the Act in time will turn around to settle scores with the Democrats, and a big split is bound to occur in the Democratic camp. The big evil actions planned by the left will also be dead because they cannot get funding support.

3. All signs indicate that: After Trump vetoed the Act, he will definitely simultaneously launch a big move to solve the difficulties in the lives of some people and to calm the anger of them.

4. Senator Lindsey Graham Tweeted to Support Trump

After spending a period of time with the president, he said, I am convinced that Trump is more determined than ever to raise subsidies to American people from $600 to $2,000 and to repeal Section 230.

5. A Google Search for “2021 U.S. President” Yields Trump

As the ultimate battle approaches, the leftist media and big high-tech companies are still resisting, but they know the end is sealed. all Google can do is face the reality of President Trump’s re-election.

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