【Giselle’s column】The sin hidden in the aesthetics of violence


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On December 24, President Trump tweeted a video stating that the deadliest virus is the Chinese Communist Party(CCP)and that instead of attacking the United States with guns and bombs, the CCP has invaded the American mind with words, media and brainwashing propaganda. The Chinese Communist Party controls most of Hollywood, including AMC Theatres and Legendary Entertainment. The CCP has paid tens of millions of dollars to mainstream media outlets including the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

Here the author would only like to explore the relationship between the aesthetics of violence in Hollywood and the totalitarian killing and enslavement of the population.

We all know that Hollywood has produced a lot of killing blockbusters with the beautiful name of violent aesthetics over the years. With these blockbusters’ promotion came a series of even gorier and more brutal killing games, which were also released by video game makers. Also, there has been a proliferation of literary outputs in China that promote violence, killing, and sex with underage girls.

From Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Orgy Island’, to the rich man’s game of hunting for real people, to baby sacrifice, child abuse sex games revealed in the documentary film ‘Fall of The Cabal’ and ‘the end of the world as we know it.’ made by Dutch researcher and author Janet Ossebaard …… What does this have to do with the violent aesthetics that Hollywood promotes?

The aesthetics of violence itself is a false proposition

The aesthetics of violence in films mainly refers to the aesthetic presentation of violence and killing through the cinematic language of shots, images and music, with some very poetic and aesthetic scenes that glorify the reflection on the dark side of human nature brought about by killing, as well as the rational glorification of violence. The audience is made to adapt to the violence, accept the killing, and remove the discomfort it brings. For example, killing is as pleasurable as chopping a watermelon, a perfect arc after the head is cut off, blood blooming like a flower, the spurting of blood as the chainsaw cuts the head ……

These disgusting actions, under violent aesthetics, make the audience cry out for excitement and pleasure. The action scenes are gorgeous and bloody, with fast editing, speed-shifting camera shots and lots of detailed close-ups. These directors are so skilled that they have taken violent aesthetics to an unprecedented bloody peak.

However, the aesthetics of violence is itself a false proposition.

What is the beauty of killing when it is essentially the degradation of the soul? In any decent religion, killing is punishable by hell and reincarnation, so where is the beauty in that? Look at the movies today, from Jonathan Demme’s ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ to Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Kill Bill’, to the Korean film ‘Oldboy’, all of them glorify and promote violence.

Moreover, the various mystery novels that are now popular throughout China are all indulged in the thrill of killing, and no other thoughts belonging to the author’s personality can be seen other than killing and destruction. A typical line in the fictions is, “For you, I would destroy all of humanity.” Does one wonder if the whole of humanity includes the authors themselves, their parents and children? Literature without humanistic concern is just a walking corpse without a soul.

Only one step from adapting to killing, to participating in it

The concept of the aesthetics of violence, I don’t know who came up with it, but it is definitely not well-intentioned. It will lower human beings’ moral standards because people will have adapted to killing through these films, literature, and online games. There is only one step from adapting to killing, to participating in it.

The effect of this phenomenon of glorified violence on humanity as a whole is simply awful! This includes the now ubiquitous killing games, which allow players to indulge in sensory stimulation, killing for the sake of killing, gradually losing their humanity and their souls.

Now we can answer why Hollywood produces so many murderous blockbusters in the name of “aesthetics of violence”. Culture is upstream of politics, and this is just a prelude to the glorification of killing and subjugation of people by authoritarian and totalitarian groups.

These dictatorial criminal groups, they are killing for organs, raping and abusing children. Warmongers, arms traffickers, are plotting their next killing game, as if vultures hovering overhead, staring at the dying population on the ground, waiting for their next feast ……

The truth behind the adaptation of the public to killing and the glorification of killing is the evil dictatorial mindset of slavery. The demise of the Mayan civilisation, the fall of the Roman Empire and the collective degradation of mankind did not happen overnight, but through these small dribs and drabs, which little by little made us morally degenerate and ultimately self-destructive.

(The content of this article represents the author’s personal opinion)

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