President Trump Posts Video Showing Overwhelming Evidence of Election Fraud

On December 23, 2020, President Trump posted a video on his personal YourTube account, which shows overwhelming evidence of election fraud in swing states.

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America deserved an honest election. This is what they got: suitcases of ballots in Georgia; out-of-state voters and illegal aliens voting; dead people voting in Wisconsin; poll watchers denied access in Pennsylvania; Trump votes discarded in Arizona; and clerks facing felony charges in Michigan. The evidence is overwhelming.  Contact your legislators and Governor today. Demand they hear the evidence. Help President Trump! Text DEMAND to 88022. 

美国应该得到一次诚实的选举。但这是他们所得到的:佐治亚州一衣箱一衣箱的选票;外州的选民和非法移民来投票;威斯康星州的死人去投票;宾夕法尼亚州的计票观察员被拒绝进入内;亚利桑那州川普的选票被丢弃;在密歇根州,文员面临重罪指控。证据是压倒性的。 联系你们的立法者和州长,要求他们聆听证据。帮帮川普总统!给88022发短信“DEMAND”。

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