The End of the Fake News Media Is Coming; GTV & GNEWS Will be Top Ten in the World!

In the GTV live broadcast on November 8, 2020, Mr. Guo discussed with David on the upcoming lawsuits with those “Fake News” media after CDA No. 230 is lifted. He predicted that big shuffle time is coming and the G-Series will immediately become the new noble to fill the vacancy.

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Miles: Just think about the media in the world, several American friends told me this morning, “Miles, GNEWS and GTV will definitely be top twenty in the world.” I said, “You are wrong, we must be top ten in the world, absolutely.” Besides, several barrister teams said today that “Miles, we can sue Facebook and Twitter on behalf of you, demanding 10 billion dollars of penalty.” I said, “What you asked is too little. There will be no pacification even on the condition of 100 billion dollars. We are sure to file a lawsuit against them.” And they said, “GTV is genuinely worth 100 billion dollars now. In the past, you said it’s worth 1,000 billion dollars and I thought you were kidding, but now I believe it’s worth 100 billion.” I replied, “You’re really looking down upon us. I really don’t care about the 100 billion dollars, neither does GTV. Let’s wait and see as what I said before.” Brother David, tell me if Trump comes back in triumph this time, what will happen to our GNEWS and GTV. I want to hear your prediction.

郭先生:然后 GTV 就不用说了,这是终身终世的我们要感激在一起的。你想想现在世界的媒体,今天早上美国几个[朋友]说:“Miles,Gnews、GTV一定是全世界二十大。”我说:“你说错了,我们一定全世界前十名,绝对。”而且今天几个大律师团说:“Miles,我们可以代表你去告 Facebook、Tweet,我们可以告 100 亿美元。”我说:“你说太少了,1000亿我们都不拉倒,我们一定会告。”他们说:“GTV现在真的值 1000 亿了,原来你说一万亿我觉得你是开玩笑,现在我认为值 1000 亿。”我说:“你真的看不起我们,我们真不要那 1000 亿,GTV 也不要 1000 亿,咱们走着看,还是那句话。”如果这一次,川普回来也赢完了,你跟我说,大卫兄弟,咱们 GNEWS、GTV未来会啥样?你先预测预测我听听。

David: I feel that it is high time for social media and mainstream media to get shuffled, just like the case of Twitter a couple of days ago. Even though I don’t have the same kind of vision as you do in terms of investment, I do believe that the plunge in Twitter’s stock price a couple of days ago is sufficient to show its crisis. Even though its financial report looks really good, It’s obvious that its growth in users is shrinking, which happens during the crucial time of the US presidential election. So, we know that President Trump keeps talking about fake news these years. Previously when President Trump said fake news, people thought it might be just a political excuse or slogan, right? Now, the truth came out. We have tons of evidence to show whether or not Twitter is a fake news, whether or not social media is fake news.

大卫:我觉得这个社交媒体、主流媒体到了一个该洗牌的时候了,你像前两天推特那个,我没有您看的投资视野那么高。我觉得前两天推特股价的暴跌就已经说明问题,虽然它的财报非常好,但是推特用户增长量明显下降,而且正好它赶上美国大选这个关键时候。所以,大家可能也感受到,川普总统几年一直说 Fake News,以前川普总统说 Fake News,别人以为川普总统也是一种政治上的借口也好,对吧?现在有事实了,我拿出这么多证据来支撑你推特到底是否是 Fake News,你社交媒体是不是 Fake News。

So, this sends a message to the investors in the market that, in the future, if I want to invest in social media and mainstream media, where my money should go. Of course, we should take possible political risk into consideration, but now, our New Federal State of China has thrown the political risk to our enemy. They are now taking the risk. As for investors and capital, they choose places where has long-term safety. Where is there long-term safety? The U.S. government trusted GTV and GNEWS, which were brought about by the Whistleblower Movement, have long-term safety, politically speaking. So, if I were an investor, I would for sure consider long-term investment safety, right? I would gamble with the future, not against it. Who is the future, GNEWS and GTV are, right, Brother Seven? Thanks a lot!

所以这个给市场给投资者传递一个信息:未来,我这个钱如果投到社交媒体,主流媒体,我去哪儿?我肯定要考虑政治风险,现在来讲,我们新中国联邦,政治风险丢给敌人了,他们在承当风险。投资者所以说,和资本会选择长久安全。哪儿是长久安全?美国政府信任的,爆料革命带来的 GTV、GNEWS,从政治上来讲,长年的安全来讲,那么,我要是投资者,我肯定会考虑长远的安全,对吧。  我要跟未来去赌,而不是跟未来对着干,谁是未来?GNEWS、GTV 是未来,对吧,七哥?谢谢!

Miles: Brother David speaks so well. So brother, I’m not praising you in front of your face. You’re very iconic, for you have survived from death for many times and each time you only got better and stronger from what you’ve experienced. Bro, all of these prove that you are extraordinary, you may not feel that way yourself, but I do.


David: That’s because you, Brother Seven, loves me.


Miles: Your discipline, patience, really, I can feel it, with the big heart that you have, the kind of patience that you have, together with your wisdom and your judgment, you’re definitely different from others. You’ve always been the best in taking action, one of the best among our brothers-in-arms. But you’ve always been different. Your view just now and what you knew in the beginning are right down to earth. Also, brother, you just took Twitter as an example. Twitter, with its $40 per share, its usage rate, and all the features it has, the possibility of it adding new features and the room for further improvement is gone, right?


David: Right. 大卫:对。

Miles: It has reached its peak in terms of its technology. Now it sleeps on its user experience and the familiarity of its old users, and the uniqueness that it currently maintains.


David: It lives off its past. 


Miles: The room for any technical improvement is gone, right? While we still have big room for improvement to reach their level, that’s the first thing. Secondly, the sins it has accumulated and their evildoings are impossible to wipe out from people’s memories, while we will avoid these “minefields” and reach our destination directly. Let alone we [GTV and GNEWS] have a strong, healthy body, we are sacred nobles in the media since our birth, and we came along with the mission from God. Then, another issue, whether it is Twitter or Facebook, their biggest problem is that they are all public companies, meaning that they have very little flexibility in decision-making and operations. Just think about those handful of executives, after they are fired by the board of directors, with newcomers, everything will be different. Then, at that moment, when both the financial market and users stop trusting them, a sledgehammer will suddenly drop from the sky and hit their heads,

that is the political hammer.


There’s no doubt that President Trump will force Facebook to break up, the Washington Post will definitely be broken up, New York Times will definitely be broken up, CNN will definitely be broken up, Fox News will definitely be broken up, all media will definitely be broken up according to the Antitrust Law. CDA No. 230 is sure to be fixed. Brother, when CDA No. 230 is changed, do you know what will happen to those companies? They wouldn’t have enough money to pay the penalty to people who sue them even with the gold dug from their ancestors’ tombs. This morning, my lawyer said we will sue Twitter for a compensation of 10 billion dollars, 100 billion dollars. Brother, do you think we are the only one who wants to sue them? How much money do they have so that they can afford pay the penalty? Don’t just look at the market value of those companies. Just like Jack Ma, holy crap, whose company was worth 10 trillion yuan, 8 trillion yuan, to 15 trillion yuan. After it was listed, he got 30 billion yuan, bro. 

川普一定让 Facebook 分家,一定会让华盛顿邮报分家,一定会让纽约时报分家,一定会让 CNN 分家,一定会让福克斯分家,所有媒体一概拆分,反垄断法。《230》法案肯定改变。老弟啊,《230》一改变,你知道这些公司是干嘛吗?它把它祖坟挖出来都赔不起这些人的诉讼。今天早上律师说要告他 100 亿,1000 亿。兄弟,你说那告它们的能是咱们一家吗?它有多少钱够它告的,你看那些公司在市值上值那些钱,就像马云似的,哇塞,十万亿人民币,八万亿人民币,十五万亿人民币,它上完市,圈回钱就是 300 亿美元,兄弟。

David: Yeah, more than 35 billion [dollars].


Miles: But it can vaporize in the stock market in a blink of an eye. The stock market is one of the most dangerous places. As the mantra goes among financial market attendees: the moment your company is listed, you hang yourself in the air, and you don’t know who will pull the strings from above, and you also don’t know once you are pulled to the air, there will only be blazing fire beneath your feet. You will die if you break any law, or any string is pulled, or the flame starts to burn beneath you. You will be stuck in the middle of these things. 


No joking. That’s why these people have no future. With the hammer from heaven and our sacred armies holding their weapons and their technology, they will surely have no future. The whole world will be reshuffled.


You may remember that Mr. Bannon was brought away from our yacht on August 21st. America’s Voice, the TV platform that Mr. Bannon has been using the whole time, wanted sell itself, 100%, to our GTV for 15 million on August 15th. But later they changed their mind and wanted to keep 10% share for themselves, and I disagreed. At that time, I actually wanted to buy Newsmax, you know? Today, I can disclose this information to our audiences: The Trump family wanted to buy [Newsmax] with 200 million plus dollars, Trump wanted to buy 51% of the shares with the intent to transform it to “Trump TV”. We also wanted to buy [Newsmax]. I said that I wanted 51%. While I was still hesitating, Mr. Bannon got arrested. And then, after he came back, we got ourselves busy with our G-series (GFASHION and GCLUBS), and then we started to prepare for the presidential election.

你看那个,我可以说8月21日班农是在我们船上,班农先生被逮走的。8月15日,美国声音,班农先生一直用的那个电视平台,要卖给我们 GTV 是15个 million,1500万,全部啊,100% 啊。但是,后来又说他们要留10%,我说不同意。那段时间我是想买Newsmax,你知道吗?今天我可以跟大家爆料,后来川普总统他们家要买,总共是两亿多美元,川普想买51%,后来将改成川普电视。我们想买,我说我想买51%,就在这犹豫的时候,班农先生被逮了,然后呢,回来后我们就忙着几个G系列去了,GFASHION,GCLUBS去了,然后就准备大选。

Well, since then, almost all American people want to watch Bannon’s War Room on America’s Voice, Bannon’s War Room’s ranking in the US media jumped from 190 directly to 57 after the election night on the 3rd. And as of yesterday morning, it reached 29 or 27, I’ve sent this message to our group, it’s 20 something. Regarding Newsmax [Note: America’s Voice], I was called, and I said, “Let’s buy it, let’s pay them right away, so can we buy it?” Our institutional investors said, “You can buy it.” So did an investor from a certain country. But they [America’s Voice] said, “Mr. Guo, how much do you want to pay?” I said, “Still 15 million”, but they said, “Sorry, Mr. Guo, before I picked up your call, I just turned down an offer of 50 million dollars for purchasing 50% of our shares. 

好,这事儿一发生,所有美国人去 Voice 看班农的战斗室,班农的战斗室从过去190名,通过3号大选直接干到57名,全美国媒体影响力57,昨天早上是29还是27,我发到群里面去了,二十几名。这个 Newsmax [注:可能为口误,应为 America’s Voice] 给我打电话,我说咱也把它买了得了,我说赶快咱给他付钱,咱能不能买了它呀?咱们机构投资者说:你们可以买。某国家的投资者跟我说你可以买。结果人家说:郭先生你说多少钱?我说:还是1500啊。结果人家说:对不起郭先生,在你打电话之前有个人5000万买50%都不卖。

Then, I called Newsmax right away, hoping that President Trump hadn’t already bought it. I said we only wanted 49%, in stead of 51%, with 250 million dollars, he and I will each bring 125 million dollars, and I will still take 49%. Can you imagine how much he asked? “Sorry, Mr. Guo, no deal can be made even with 500 million dollars for 40%.” These just happened over the past few days. 

我赶快打 Newsmax,别让川普总统买了,我说我们买49%不买51%了,2.5亿美元,他拿1.25亿,我拿1.25亿,我还是拿49%。你知道他说多少钱?对不起,郭先生,五亿美元都不卖你40%,就是这些天发生的。

By the way, these two companies are open to check, so I’m responsible for what I said, otherwise, I will be called deceiving. Hey, I’m supposed to be doing something good here, I first called the investment agency and attorneys, asking for their consent, which is my responsibility as their no. 1 consultant, which I thought was a good thing to do, but I consequently got my face slapped. What can be inferred from this? First, I didn’t pay adequate attention to this investment; Second, our judgment is not good enough.


Things have changed this time, you can see that Newsmax is growing every hour.

Everyone is watching Newsmax, then America’s Voice, and then followed by Parler.

Parler let us invest 10% for 1.2 million in the past, but now you can’t even get 5% for 15 million, no exceeding 5%. Bro, just think how much you will be worth in the next moment. You think about it.

这就是这次一下子改写了,你看 Newsmax 每小时往上增长的速度,全在看Newsmax,然后是美国 Voice,然后 Parler。Parler 当时让我们投120万美元占10%,现在给人家1500万都不让你占5%。不让你投资超过5%,兄弟,你下来会值多少钱?

So, this is life. When you see someone who is rich and influential, you will know that they didn’t get there by just taking risks, rather with their emotional quotient and courage. Without the EQ and courage, it’s not possible for you to be rich and influential. No matter how bad he is as a government official, Biden has his courage, persistence and EQ, this is no joke. Wang Qishan has his particularity, so does Meng Jianzhu, he has his good reason to be successful, which has nothing to do with whether or not he is good. So, this time, our brothers-in-arms should all learn something from this.


You, who have invested in GTV, GNEWS, and GCLUBS, are the winners. GNEWS hasn’t been included in this yet, let alone GFASHION, which is the most awesome of all. So, please think about our Chinese over the past 70 years, our old-hundred-names, my fellow brothers-in-arms, please tell me who can have such an opportunity of becoming an original shareholder, putting money in the U.S, where no one can rob it from you. Even such earth-shattering or transforming things happened, the financial market is there, and there will be no such thing like someone being put into jail [like in China], That’s the greatness of America. So, how do you feel when you invest your money in here?

你们投 GTV,GNEWS,GCLUBS 的牛了,GNEWS 包括在里面了,但是 GFASHION 不用提了,牛大了。那么,你想想我们中国人70年,咱么这些老百姓,战友们,你告诉我谁有这样的机会,你能当原始股东,你能把钱搁在美国,谁也抢不走你。即使发生这么惊天动地,改变地球的事情,美国金融市场还在,也没有说今天把谁抓了,这就是美国的伟大。

Translator:【阿基米德】Proofreader:【Isaiah4031】Subtitle:【Pamila(文明)】Transcript:【重生者】Video transcoding:【恒久忍耐】Editor:【Isaiah4031】

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4 months ago

If section 230 were repealed today, no one can file a lawsuit on a preexisting issue (grandfathering).
But tomorrow will be a different day.

I am glad I found this site and joined early on.
Just hope those in charge don’t screw up my membership later on by demanding ID or somesuch.


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