The Whistleblower Movement Has Huge Impact in the West

In his December 14 GTV live broadcast, Mr. Miles Guo said that the Whistleblower Movement (WM) has a huge impact in the West, and the analysis of the information about China and the U.S. by the WM is better than that by Americans. He hoped that the brothers-in-arms of the WM should feel confident and not underestimate themselves.

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During today’s meeting, a participant  talked to me. “Aiya”, he said, “the Whistleblower  Movement is too awesome.” I asked, “Why?” He said, “The analysis of the information  about the U.S. by the WM is more awesome than us Americans. The Americans were all asking whether what Lude says is real or not  since they don’t know. “How can he know about America  so well? And those doctors, including Dr. Bo, Aili,  Dr. Mo, and Dr. Guan, they are so great. And Dr. Li-Meng Yan, why is there only one  Li-Meng Yan in the whole world? No one dares to challenge her. And also the Chinese soccer star, Mr. Hao Haidong, and Ms. Ye Zhaoyin.”

我们今天这个开会的时候,其中有一个人跟我说,“哎呀,TA说你们这个爆料革命太厉害了”。我说,“为什么”?他说,“这个爆料革命的信息比我们美国人都厉害,关于美国解释的。美国人不知道,都在问说那个路德说的是真的假的呀?他怎么那么了解美国呀?还有那些博士们,这 Dr. 博,什么艾丽,什么墨博士、冠博士,Duang Duang 的。然后那个那个闫丽梦,为什么全世界就这一个闫丽梦啊?就没人敢给她挑战啊。还有中国的足球明星郝海东先生、叶钊颖妹妹”。

It really surprised us, brothers-in-arms. We are the only one in the whole world, the only one. You haven’t felt its huge impact in the West. There is one more thing, I can’t say it at the moment, I have to hold it back while I am talking, I do it for real while Lude does not, I really hold my words.


It’s 7:34 now, I can make it longer,  but I will keep an eye on the clock, 16 minutes more, then I will  be able to continue, I will then rush to a meeting, and give the time to our Lude.


Someone from the military said that “We have a team who can  understand Chinese analyzing the information you post  on GNEWS and GTV. Many things have surprised us, the stuff that you guys have  written and posted, some stuff about America are out even  faster than Americans’. Those about China are of course faster  than the Americans’.”

这个有一个军方的人说,“我们从 GNEWS 上、GTV 专门找了几个懂中文的一个小组的人,分析你们的信息。他有很多事情让我们很惊讶,就是你们写出的东西,发出的东西,有的比…关于美国的比美国人快,关于中国的当然比美国人快了”。

Brothers-in-arms, the essays you share on GNEWS must be decent and serious. Some of our brothers-in-arms post the the information without verifying it first, right? Once you send it [unverified information] out, you will… Once you post it, and we find out, we  will take back your privilege of posting. The truth is unbreakable, stick to one theme: take down the CCP. 

这就是战友们,你们一定要到 GNEWS 上,像模像样的发信息,认真的。你看有些战友完全未经过核实,你啪把那信息都发出去了,是不是。那你发出去,你就…一旦你发出去,一旦发现,一定是要把你取消你发文的资格的。唯真不破,坚持一个主题:灭共。

You must be confident in your impact in the world. There are so many people watching you, right? Brothers and sisters, that is the reason  why you see it over and over again that the decision made by the West synchronizes with GNEWS, GTV and Lude Media. 


You can pretend it once, pretend to walk like a duck, walk like a duck one time with two, three steps, but if you walk like a duck for a  whole day, for three years long, you will probably become a duck. If you mimic a lion to walk a few steps, you can do it. But if you walk like a lion everyday,  wouldn’t it be too exhausting? Only if you are a lion do you  walk like a lion. But don’t make you, who is a real lion, to turn to a fox, to walk like a fox or a cat, then everyone  will take you for granted, right? The Whistleblower Movement, has made everyone of us to be at the  same level as the lion king, so don’t underestimate yourself.


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