War Room: Pandemic Ep 610&611 summary

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  • Author: Jenny Ball

Christmas special: America at War on Christmas with Patrick K. O’Donnell, one of the greatest historians of our time and the Author of:

  • Washington’s Immortals: The Untold story of an Elite Regiment who changed the course of the Revolution;
  • Beyond Valor: World War II’s ranger and Airborne veterans reveal the heart of combat;
  • Dog Company: The boys of Pointe Du Hoc–The Rangers who accomplished D-Day’s toughest mission and led the way across Europe.
  • Give Me Tomorrow: The Korean War’s greatest untold story
  • Indispensables, to be published in May 2021.

O’Donnell briefed each of the above books, especially the battles of significance on Christmas time. 

Washington’s Immortals: shows that generation is amazing. It’s really a remarkable story. Christmas night the officers and soldiers for their spirited and gallant behavior crossed Delaware river Pennsylvania to defeat British army, the victory changed the course of revolution in 1776.

Dog Company: Battle of Hürtgen Forest (later known as the Battle of the Bulge). The Germans fiercely defended the area because it served as a staging area for the 1944 winter offensive because they realize it’s a political victory potentially.

The story of these men in many cases of what were known as the independent airborne battalions and regiments, such as the 517 parachute infantry regiment, these guys dropped in southern France.

There’s a number of intelligence failures. This is the first CIA slash special operations forces they had.

One of those stories that was most compelling to me is one of the battle survivals I interviewed: it’s mid-December, they were so low on ammunition. Their feet frostbite, was being overrun. The Hürtgen Forest was meat grinder and they were holding this hill400 against all odds. 

I interviewed members of the German army as well 40 years after the battle of bulge, and this guy was still kind of had a tingle, you can tell when he was relaying that information to me as they attacked that morning.

Give Me Tomorrow is about the battle of Korea war in December 1950. It’s fitting testament to the heroic deeds of George Company. These men don’t have any food, their water supplies snow and this is a 30 to 40 below degrees with a wind chill.

The cover picture of the book

He was dying on Christmas day and the photography asked what he would like for Christmas, he said: Give me tomorrow.

We are having that tomorrow but the freedom those heroes fought for is now at the mercy of the communist.

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