Alert to CCP’s Emphasis on Centralized and Unified Leadership of Economic Work

  • Editor: Victor Torres
  • Author: 土家部落
  • Translator: Ranting

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On December 24, the Chinese military website published a commentary by the People’s Daily, “Strengthening the Party’s Overall Leadership of Economic Work – On Studying and Implementing the Spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference,” to promote and advocate the CCP’s centralized and unified leadership of the economy. It shows that it sees the imminent economic crisis and proposes to strengthen the Party’s overall leadership of economic work at this time in order to further take over the economy as a preemptive public opinion guide.

This is a dangerous signal that the economy of the Chinese Communist Party is in serious trouble, and it also signals that a new round of “public-private partnership” and nationalization of private enterprises is approaching.

The economy of the Chinese Communist Party is different from the general market economy. It is an economy under the semi-governance of the government, where the government monopolizes the supply of materials and opens only a few areas to free competition, claiming to be a market economy, and under the influence of low labor costs caused by low human rights, it attracts a large number of foreign enterprises and creates a false prosperity artificially.

Normal market economy countries, the state does not participate in economic activities, because the public power to participate in market competition with policies, regulations, capital aspects of the innate advantages of private enterprises can not compete with them, will also cause private enterprises can not be bigger and stronger. The government’s responsibility is to maintain fair competition in the market, to stimulate the economy or to cool down an overheated economy through interest rate adjustment and tax regulation, not to strengthen the overall leadership of the economy in general.

Nowadays, under the guidance of the policy of making state-owned enterprises bigger and stronger, state-owned enterprises have further grown bigger and monopolized almost all profitable industries, leaving private enterprises struggling in the cracks, and will be damned to perdition for two pins.

Under the global ravages of the CCP virus, international trade is further shrinking, while the U.S. sanctions against the Chinese Communist Party are gradually strengthening, and foreign companies are accelerating their withdrawal, the economy of the CCP is also collapsing, and the Pan-Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, which are the leading economies, are wailing. The impact of the huge economic crisis also hides a huge social crisis, the energy it contains will give rise to social change.

If the CCP were to take over the economy in full, two scenarios would emerge: one would be a transition to a planned economy in order to control all the materials and means of production, which would make it possible to eliminate all destabilizing factors that would shake its regime. The second is to prepare to launch a wartime economy to prepare materials for a future U.S.-China military confrontation. It is foreseeable that if the Chinese Communist Party is not eliminated, the Chinese people may not even be able to eat grass.

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