UK Hawk English Channel EP 7 Summary

Broadcasted date: 20/12/2020; Speakers: Sky, Mikehua, Jane; Summary: Mike Hua; PR: Lin; Final read: TCC; Page: The Pawn

UK Hawk English Channel EP 7 Summary

Prologue: CCP’s goal is overthrowing US constitution.

Topic 1: The greatest existential threat is the CCP.

Comment Summary:

The greatest victim of the CCP regime is the Chinese people who are enslaved by the CCP. The Chinese people didn’t want the control of the CCP; it is the CCP that points guns to the Chinese people heads to surrender. Moreover, some western elites want to enslave Chinese people in order to make money. The Chinese people and the CCP are fundamentally different. The CCP has been very successful in infiltrating the West and compromising the elites. That’s why you can see the Biden family, Pelosi and McConnell are sucking up to Beijing. This is bipartisan. It is time that people know the truth and treat the CCP as the existential threat to human; the Chinese people shouldn’t be collateral damage after the destruction of the CCP. The Chinese people are innocent and we demand taking down the CCP.

Topic 2: CCP’s Wolf-warrior Diplomacy: Chinese people pay the price.

Comment Summary:

The CCP wants to punish Australia for its countermeasures against the CCP’s expansion, so the CCP banned import of coal from Australia. Because more than 70% of mainland China’s electricity is generated by burning coal, some provinces in central China are suffering from shortage of supply in this cold winter. The high-profile officials of the CCP have all their illegitimate children overseas, and they enjoy special supply in mainland China. So, what happens to the Chinese people is not their concern. Unbelievably, in 2020, after 70-year ruling of the CCP, people in the second largest economy still suffer from unreliable power supply! The CCP is always telling lies. They lied about their achievement, they lied to the people about their actions against Australia, but in their mind, they don’t care about their people’s livelihood.

Topic 3: New Strain of virus: the problem is the CCP, the answer is not vaccine.

Comment Summary:

The cure for the CCP virus already exists, but we still haven’t solved the pandemic yet. The reason is simple: the problem is not the pandemic but the CCP. The CCP colludes with western elites to suppress information about Hydroxychloroquine, in order to make money out of the vaccines that they heavily invest. They have no sufficient time for testing these vaccine candidates, no guarantee for long-term effect and side effects…. The only reason they were approved and being deployed all around the world is because it can make money.

Topic 4: Tik Tok misinformation: How the CCP fools people in China.

On 19th Dec. 2020, both Jane’s cousin and WeChat chat group circulated this pic they’ve seen on TikTok.

Comment Summary:

Tik Tok in the West is an espionage platform for the CCP to collect personal information. The CCP is very aware of the election situation, where to put malware, which county to switch the votes, and who to compromise. They know it because they have access to personal information of US citizens. Tik Tok is one of the ways they get the information. Inside mainland China, Tik Tok is a tool to spread misinformation and brainwash Chinese people. The truth is that no one runs away from London and no one in UK suffers from shortage of anything. But the Chinese people who are not aware of the truth, simply think Britain is on the verge of collapse. This is how the CCP lies, this is why the Chinese people are the greatest victim of the CCP regime.

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