UK Hawk English Channel EP 6 Summary

Speakers: Stella, Mikehua; Summary: Mike Hua; Final read: TCC; Page: The Pawn


Topic 1: Sanctions against CCP-controlled firms: Action! Action! Action!

Comment Summary:

Every single company in mainland China is under CCP control. Those so called ‘private companies’ are all at the disposal of the CCP’s intelligence apparatus, national security service, and surveillance system etc. The Chinese people know little about the inside operations of the CCP and those companies, and the people don’t own those companies. The sanctions actually do little harm to people’s properties, but impact significantly Chinese people’s access to the services because the CCP is monopolizing all the industry. Annihilating the CCP is like surgically removal of a malignant tumor, pain is unavoidable, but it’s worth the effort in order to save mankind.

Topic 2: Crimes of CCP firms against humanity: never forget and never forgive.

Comment Summary:

We name a few CCP controlled companies to tell people why they are sanctioned. Alibaba for example, is a platform for a CCP spy operation, surveillance of the people and corruption with the west. Alibaba does huge damage to human rights and are now trying to export its damage abroad. The founder of Alibaba Jack Ma was called out by Chairman Xi, and this is a natural process for the CCP to eliminate the guy who know too much. Once one becomes useless and know too much, one will be vanished. This is what Jack Ma gets for colluding with the CCP. Huawei, another example, developed extensive surveillance system for the CCP, and its phones are notorious for recording and sending away your personal information to their ‘cloud center.’ Everything from Huawei, the self-made chip and the operating system, was a big lie. Huawei circumvented the Entity List in 2019 through loop holes, but in 2020 the loop holes were fixed. Now it’s time for all those CCP companies to get onto the sanction list.

Topic 3: The most important election in 5000 years: A crossroad for the Chinese people and the entire humanity

Comment Summary:

We don’t believe in conspiracy, nor do we believe in coincidence. The CCP is pro Biden, the Biden family has deep ties with CCP spies (Patrick Ho for instance), and Joe Biden was in favor of the CCP. Now we’re seeing evidence that the CCP is controlling the election via Dominion Voting Machines. This is not a coincidence. The CCP knows this election is the most important election in 5000 years of Chinese history. They know once its dictatorship loses, then no more dictatorship will be ever be able to set foot on mainland China. Now, the Chinese people now have the New Federal State of China. This is why the CCP is calling this is the ending game, the ultimate battle. We will win, because we are standing with justice and with God. We are going to take down the CCP and this day is coming super and duper fast!

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