New UK strain of the COVID-19 virus has strange origin, huge variation, and strong transmission.

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On December 19, the ARTIC Network, a large epidemiological organization in the UK, reported that a variant of COVID-19 with a higher transmission rate had emerged in the UK, and data showed that its transmission rate “maybe 70% higher than the previous strain” [1]. On the same day, Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a press conference to confirm the news and said that a new variant of the coronavirus was spreading in London and southeast England [2].

Currently, the British government has announced that the level of prevention and control in London and other areas has been raised to level 4. Nearly 300,000 residents have been rapidly evacuated from London by rail and road. As a result, many European countries have announced border closures, grounded flights to and from the UK, and other measures to deal with this new crown variant. As of the early hours of the 21st local morning in the UK, at least 11 countries, including Spain, Austria, and Belgium, have restricted the entry of UK flights, trains, or ferries, and some countries have taken compulsory quarantine of people entering the country. 

It is understood that the new mutant strain is named B.1.1.7 and has 17 new genetic mutations. Eight of these mutations are in the S protein (a key protein for the viral invasion of human cells) on the surface of the virus, with two mutations, N501Y and H69/V70, having a greater impact. N501Y affects the binding of the S protein to human cell surface receptors. In the laboratory, H69/V70 deletion doubles the infectivity of the virus. 


Phylogenetic tree of the B.1.1.7 lineage showed the mutant stain has significant genetic differences with the previously epidemic ones. (image from Rambaut et al. 2020; ref [1])

While the virus mutates regularly, the most recent mutation has scientists concerned, according to Ewan Birney, deputy director of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory. “When (the virus) grows, there are always some strains that grow and some that shrink. What worries scientists this time is that there is a completely different strain. It has a lot of different mutations and it’s growing very strongly in southeast England,” [3]

Chris Whitty, the UK’s chief medical officer, alerted the WHO to the new mutant strain and the urgent need for governments to monitor the outbreak urgently. However, there are still many scientists who for some reason insist that the mutant strain is likely to have evolved in chronically infected patients. In addition, some researchers say there is no evidence yet that it causes more severe symptoms and that the new crown vaccine should still be effective against it.

Indeed, regardless of the question of the origin of the virus and the potential risks of the vaccine, there is a steady stream of righteous people exposing the truth about it. Regarding the new highly infectious mutant strain, Dr. Yan tweeted a list of five key clues from the CCP [4]. Whether it is Dr. Limeng Yan who broke the revolution or the American doctor Zelenko, whether it is Mr. Miles Guo or many intelligence system sources, the ultimate culprit has pointed to the Chinese Communist Party and the biochemical overdrive it unleashed. 

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