Who Will Become the President in 2021? The Funny US Presidential Election Formally Kicks Off

In his GTV live broadcast on December 14th, 2020, Mr. Miles Guo said that the investigation on Biden’s family would last for 1-2 years, which will create a great opportunity for our our GTV and GNEWS because the Witshleblower Movement can keep following and reporting it. 

Regarding the US presidential election, Miles predicted that Nancy Pelosi will become the acting president in January 2021, and in February 2021, President Trump will eventually win the election after the Senate and the House of Representatives recast their electoral votes. 

He said if foreign interference is confirmed, for example, by the CCP, then the decapitation strike or even a total war will happen any moment, and this will be inevitable no matter who will become the President.

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It will definitely be investigated. The investigation on Biden’s family will continue for one to two years. This is good news for our GTV and GNews. We will keep reporting [on the Biden Family], and more people will follow [the news]. This is our opportunity, a huge opportunity. So brothers and sisters, this is a good thing for us. Wonderful news, right? So what’s going to happen next?

On the 18th, and then around the 20th, and then January 6th, if, during this period, there is no big change in the judiciary or the vote and the election fraud, then who will become the president on January 6th? Nancy Pelosi will become the president. Do you remember what Miles has said about the Senate and the House of Representatives before? Nancy Pelosi might become the acting president. And then the election will keep going on, and [the problems will] get fixed after all that. In the end, the election fraud will be confirmed. And the Senate and the House of Representatives will elect both the President and the Vice-President together.

Eventually Trump will win, Trump will win. However, it is not ruled out that, on January 6th or the 15th of this month, Biden will be announced to be the President. But this matter will last until January 6th, and in the end, because there will be unresolved disputes, the opposite party will not accept [the result] and there will be lawsuits in each state.

If Nancy Pelosi becomes the President on January 6th, it will be really funny. In the end, the President will still be President Trump. Do you know when will this happen, brothers and sisters? It is highly likely that, there is a 10-20% chance that this will happen in February 2021. That is to say, you’ve already known the result by the end of 2020: Nancy Pelosi will become the President in January 2021.

And by February 2021, President Trump will finally finish the transition. After the Senate and the House of Representatives re-cast their electoral votes, the President and the Vice-President will be appointed according to the electoral results of both chambers. The Vice-President position is the key. It (the election) might not have a result until February, right? Miles has never said this before, and today I say this to everyone. And that is what we call the U.S. election.

Prior to that, the most uncertain thing will be about the CCP. If, in the end, all parties confirm that there have been some foreign powers interfering with the U.S. presidential election and the evidence is solid that the interference comes from a particular country like the CCP or the Zhongnan Pit, then the decapitation strike will happen any moment, or maybe a total war will begin any moment. This will be inevitable no matter who will become the President.

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